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Things I Can't Prove, But Believe


Your smurf knowledge is certainly something else.

I believe Dr. Matt is a major nerd. Not in a mean way.


-If tall lifters dropped back squats from their routine entirely, and replaced them with front squats, they'd see a hell of a lot better leg development...

-Mega-dosing Fish Oil is not necessary...

-Mega-dosing BCAA is not necessary...

-Lululemon athletic pants on shapely female asses, thighs and legs are a gift from God. Lululemon pants on dumpy, wide-load chicks are a scourge from Satan. Lululemon attire on males is just gay...

-The "eat whole food, brah" movement is way overdone. Can someone please explain to me how eating an actual chicken breast is superior to a blend of whey concentrate, isolate, egg protein and micellar casein? (this doesn't apply to vegetables...eat your veggies!)

-There is a direct correlation between increasing age and length of time spent naked in the men's change room...


The gods exist! The problem is they're all batshit crazy.

Besides, everyone knows chicken pox are caused by too much jerking off to midget porn.


Good for you sir, I will never understand why a professor would want to use a curve and effectively push students through (aside from bureaucratic reasons). Either they work hard and learn the material or they take the course over. Maybe more young adults would be productive members of society if we didn't coddle them for 20+ years.


The Mayan Calendar....

the date at which the even should occur has already passed right? their calendar is shorter than the Roman one, right?


I believe it a tragedy that the apocalypse hasn't happened already.


I have no idea.


The mayans believed that the planets will aline some time in december this year (which is true)

They also believed that A spiritual/dimensional planet will also align with us making it possible to see. They believed it brought us in line with the world of the Gods.

It is said that is where the Mayans disappeared too...

PS I think its December 21 or 22, cant remember. But the Mayans where dead on when the predicted it would happen thousands of years ago.

I believe the Mayans believed in that shit and we dont so it wont do much.

Possibly it will throw off out rotation around the sun and mess up the seasons (doubtful).

BUT i believe Dr.Matt will just nerd out and tell you the rest of the story which I was to careless to remember when I learned about this shit. haha


Your forgetting about when jesus said that those who did not know him would be judged according to their prophets (directed towards the Jews who would be judged by Moses).

If you where born and never learned or heard about the word of Jesus you still would not go to hell for that. Those arnt the rules man, thats just not a sin at all.


I believe that seated concentration curls are actually spider curls in disguise. A seated concentration curl doesn't have a peak contraction like the standing variation, and when comparing them to spider curls, both involve the upper arm flush against a support with the entire arm hanging straight down.






The Mayans didn't disappear. Their civilization was decimated but they survived into the present day with much of their traditions and cultural identity intact:



I don't nerd out about EVERYTHING. History and doomsday prophecies have never really interested me and this 2012 stuff kind of falls under both. Smurfs are much more interesting.


I am a physicist, being a giant nerd is an actual job requirement. I also have an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars, play chess competitively, and own pocket protectors.


I don't know man, my grandpa was a physicist and wasn't all that nerdy. I do remember lots of "magic tricks" though. And he would sit in a recliner and listen to classical music for hours. Quite the piano player himself. Hated TV though, you'd never catch him watching smurfs or star wars.

I still think papa smurf was a pedo, chemically castrated pedos are still pedos and so are genital free smurfs. That dude lusts for kids.


I believe that a mini-Chewbacca would be the greatest pet EVER.


Depending on how old he is, that may be his generation's version of nerdy.


Possibly, although he was a WW2 vet and I bet General Patton knocked the nerd out of him. I suppose it could've just gone underground though.


Hitting the keys on my keyboard harder makes the computer respond faster.