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Things I Can't Prove, But Believe


I believe Tiribulus has a badass profile picture!

Oh and I believe if your not soar the day after your workout your doing something wrong

Oh and Sloth has no right to speak if God hadnt given him all his "rights"


[quote]postholedigger wrote:

4.) I believe you show me a three year old running around a flea market in his underpants drinking Coca-Cola out of a baby bottle, and I'll show you a future NASCAR fan.

I believe this is the funniest thing I have read on this thread!


Thank you. Ever seen the bumper sticker that says "real men fight on their knees"? That's what that is. (Ephesians 6:10-20) Witness the vanquishing of the hordes of hell. =] I didn't draw it btw.


I believe eating fats will not make you Fat.

I believe eating bread and pasta will.

No matter what I say, I still cannot seem to prove this to most people.


You can prove that. Some people are just unwilling to listen


I believe murder and robbery is evil, but I can't prove it.


I believe that a severely mentally handicapped human being has inherently more value than the smartest chimp. Yet, I can't prove it.


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I believe that the next student who has a research paper with "wikipedia" on the works cited page is going to fail my class for the semester.

I am seriously grading papers for my Intro to Quantum Mechanics class (a senior undergrad class) and out of 23 students, 14 of them have wikipedia as a source.


Why do you have to?

Aren't values a personal thing?

I personally value human life above all other types.


Amateur hour.

Use Wikipedia, but cite the reference Wikipedia cites. Every true slacker knows this.


I don't assign (or withhold) it value in my statement. I'm saying it has value inherent to itself. Like inalienable rights, another thing I believe in, yet can't prove.


I don't mind if my students use wikipedia to find sources as long as they are credible (and I do check sources that I am not familiar with), but just putting "wikipedia" as a source is unacceptable. I was easy on them, though, due to the bomb threat thing going on and only dropped them one letter grade for each time they used wikipedia as a source. It is in the course outline that I hand out that I do not allow wikipedia as a source, it is their fault for not reading it.


Lol you beat me to it.

I guess that makes me a true slacker. =)


I believe nothing is "meant to be."

I believe free will is a manifestation of brain chemistry, and there really isn't any.

I believe true attraction does not consciously exist, but is like electromagnetism.

I believe everything makes sense.

I believe the worst thing to tell children is you can be anything you want to be. Although it is truthful, it doesn't apply to nearly all of them because they dont actually passionately desire it.

I believe the American economy is fucked because of economic evolution, and the slightly socialist ideas needed to fix it, while maintaining what individualism remains, will never be accepted.

I believe there is no integrity left in the world.


And i believe no ones understands the subtle awesomeness of Dr. Matts default picture lol


Already saved it =]


Thanks, it is a rotating tesseract, which a fourth dimensional cubic analog, basically what a cube would look like if it were expanded from three dimensional space into fourth dimensional space. I am working on constructing a rotating diagram of a 7th dimensional cubic analog, and when I finish that will be my new main picture.


Expert tier is Googling "review article + (topic)" and then citing the references that review paper cites. The quality of the sauce is usually better/less suspect than what you find on Wikipedia since it isn't written by basement-dwelling neckbeards with a quasi-racist/troll agenda.

Never underestimate the lengths a slacker will go to in order to avoid actually doing work.


I thought it was common knowledge that directly citing Wikipedia was tacky, but even as a graduate student I see that shit all the time.

Saw some lady last semester slip an Angelfire website into one of her papers, too.