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Things I Can't Prove, But Believe


Because I cant write in the Alpha Male thread :open_mouth: I thought this was an amazing idea. Props to LankyMofo for the original idea.

The point of the thread is no scientific facts, you can go wherever you want with it as long as you dont use facts... haha have fun.

1.I have no evidence except that I read the book Lone Survivor and im american, but I believe that the world will be a better place for the next generation because of the "War on Terror."

Free men fighting tyrants, talibans, terrorists... all that jazz. I dont care much for the talibans blood thirst american hatred... And I dont care whether they had weapons of mass destruction after 9/11, I think that taliban are bad for the human race and for the progress of civil rights. period.

2.Also I believe there is way too much police power in america. so if my right to bear arms is ever taken away from me, some serious shit is gonna go down. hhaaha shmm

  1. I believe will power is the strongest force in the universe. The free will only exists in humans for the time being.

  2. I believe in god

  3. I believe capital democracy is better than socialism.

  4. I believe clubs are for queers im down for bars and house parties or a barbeque.

  5. I believe a children ar the future :wink:

  6. I believe one cigarette a day is not really bad for you if you workout regularly and if it is an American Spirit. (tabacco without added chemicals).

  7. I believe Freedom isnt free

  8. I believe that things happen for a reason.


Well this should be fun.

Not for the reason the OP is thinking, though...


courtesy of Bauer97, doubt he'd mind..

  1. I think maybe 1% of the people who think they've 'overtrained' actually are. People don't give their bodies a chance to adapt to an unusually high stress and grow bigger/stronger before they run screaming in the other direction.

  2. I think people should train to failure more often if their primary goal is hypertrophy.

  3. I think back squats suck for tall lifters. I don't even do them anymore, and have replaced them entirely with front squats, and my leg development has never been better.

  4. I think anyone who trains hard needs at least 2g/protein per lbs. bodyweight, even if you're over 200lbs.

  5. I think a sausage and pepperoni pizza is the greatest food on earth for gaining mass.


I believe since truth is objective and comes from God, and that God cannot contradict himself, he must have one true and objective Church.

I believe that his one true and objective church must include Jesus the Christ, because Jesus the Christ is God incarnate.

I know that there are many Christian denomonations

I know that these Christian Denomonations descended from 1 orginal Christian belief, now called Catholicism

I believe the reason Catholics say that the Eucharist is Jesus' body and blood is because Jesus explicitly says so.

I believe that one day, all Christian denomonations will be reconciled to Catholicism, and BRING WITH THEM SOME NEW AND VERY USEFUL FRUIT.


I believe that everyone can be awesome at one thing (at least) - some people just never had the upbringing, influence, motivation, money (you name it) to test their potential fully.


I believe that I could last 1 minute in the ring with Mike Tyson. I'm glad I'll never have to test that theory.


Run Forrest, run!


I believe in... miracles

No, not really.


I believe in Cthulhu.


I believe we will eventually interact with intelligent alien life.

I believe that when we eventually discover intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy, they will also be a product of change over time (Evolution).

I believe the Cubs will not win a World Series in my lifetime

The Next President of the United States: IV

The children are our future? We are well and truly fucked.


I believe this guy is a total pessimist and would be a terrible parent.. sorry, but you gotta have faith in, god, people, good.

I believe aliens, evolution and science in no way contradict The Lord our God.

I believe Drugs are good in moderation :0


  1. I believe you are correct
  2. I believe you are joking.... Only 225 lbs pros stand a chance in the first against "Iron Mike Tyson!" haha.


ROFL!!! I'm not doin it!!! LOL!!


I believe that this thread should be removed from the PWI forum and placed in Get A Life.


And my contribution to this thread is with an old country tune that most of you won't bother to listen to all the way through, but you really should.



Hehe, that would be the hope.


Hmm, interesting on the alien evolution thing.

x2 on the Cubs.



I believe if the alien life is more advanced than us it will interact by killing us immediately.

If we are more advanced then we will certainly wipe them out.

I believe the Cubs will NEVER win a world series.


Since there's a couple baseball fans in here, check this video related to my/our beliefs: