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Thin Skin and Low Bodyfat from Drugs or Caffeine/Ephedrine?

I used to have a friend that was a bodybuilder but his skin all over his body was paper thin, veins, 6 pack like it was easy. How does someone get like that where the skin is so thin, body fat percentage probably near 9%, ripped 6 pack? He did take anabolics and other drugs. He took ephedrine with caffeine daily but I don’t know if it would give that look though. Is there a steroid that has this effect or is it really just caffeine with ephedrine? My knowledge is very limited.

Low bodyfat, that’s it. There are different ways to go there, but the answer is “low bodyfat”

As adark said, simply achieving low body fat from diet and training will give you that look, winstrol will enhance it a bit, but will not give you that look if you are not already lean enough to see abs and veins on your own, just makes it slightly more pronounced.