Thin Limbs

Hey im pretty new to this and never posted before. I just wanted to get some genuine input without sounding like such an amature. Im 6’ and about 175. Ive been working on a 3-1 split with added Tabata cardio (3x per week). Ive had the problem of skinny arms and legs, that im working to bulk up. Yet i have a gut, im careful of what I eat and calorie intake. How can I try to bulk up when added calories/carbs are needed (or so I think) and yet loose the fat around the mid-section at the same time. Like I said this could be a very amature question, I just dont know the best way to approach it. Thanks, and I will try to post a pic soon, so you can see what im talking about.

You will be told to use the search function.

Careful what you eat, and watch caloric intake tells us nothing about what you’re eating.

You sounds skinny-fat. How long have you been working out? Did you just start this? Or is this the product of years of “working out” and “watching what you eat”.

Change takes time. It sounds like you have a crappy diet, otherwise you’d just be skinny. Note, that there are people at and below 10% body-fat who can’t see their abs, because they have so little lean body mass (LBM).

That said, it sounds like you need to eat, and list-hard, and add some LBM to your frame.

What are your lifts looking like? (Big three)

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