Thin fat by VPX

Has anyone heard of this new product by VPX called “thinfat”. Time and time again i know that VPX are one of th shadiest companies in the biz. But this stuff is supposed to have 4.5 grams of clas per serving along with a good dose of linoleic oils. Let me know if anyone has used this brand of CLA yet??

I’m not familiar with the product, but why would you ever want to buy something from “one of th shadiest companies in the biz?”

Even if a supplement was great in theory, would you think you were getting what you paid for. Way too many supplements don’t contain anywhere close the active ingredient listed on their labels. As a result, I stick with companies that have earned my trust.

I have it, Tonalin tastes like crap. So I just throw 1 tsp in with my low carb grow shakes.