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Thigh Tissue Feeling Tough to Inject

I’ve been on testosterone therapy since 2012 no complaint but I do notice that my thighs in certain areas it’s getting a little tougher to get the needle in there I go back and forth to my left one of my right one and give myself shots in my left and right cheek also I was wondering that if using a foam roller would loosen I guess you could call it scar tissue in those areas.

Do you frequently inject in the same exact area? What size needle are you using?

This is a interesting topic for a lot of people here.

Can you describe the difference? Does the needle stop?

I inject using 29 gauge insulin syringes in shoulders and quads rotating sites to minimize scarring.

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What length needle and isn’t it a hard draw because of the testosterone

I rotate from thigh to thigh and try different areas and I just recently notice it’s a little tougher going in

I use 18 gauge to draw then 23 gauge to inject

What length needle 1/2 or 1 inch

It only takes 30 seconds to fill a 29 gauge. It’s even easier on my tissues if we go by your results versus my own. So 30 seconds is a small price to pay.

I inject 30 gauge 1/2inch into my thigh.

I bounce around the thigh too… tear drop area, as well as the outter upper quad.

That’s a huge needle. Switch to insulin pins.

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Why the hell DR’s give such large gauge needles for self injection is bizarre. Saves what, 30 seconds of injection time?

Makes no sense.

But with a 1/2 needle does it get deep enough into the muscle

I’ll give it a shot

No pun intended LOL

My thighs are pretty lean in bf, so yes, half inch is fine. If you’re heavy set, go one inch.

I’m over 30% BF and easily hit muscle every time.

That’s the idea.

I also noticed that the insulin needles come in 28, 29 and 30 gauge

I noticed my 27 gauge syringes fill slightly faster than my 29 gauge, the 29 gauges I feel it less.

I had some 25g x 5/8 inch syringes and tried them this morning so much better than the 23g. Just purchased some 25g x 1 inch will give them a shot (no pun intended) next time

Just an update on using the 25 gauge 1 inch. Perfect so much better than the 23 gauge I also used an 18 gauge to draw it. Thanks for all of the input.