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Thigh Sore Days After Shot


I just started taking Test, I took my first shot 3 days ago. My thigh is still pretty sore. I am wondering it that is normal.. I looked up a couple of things and I know I did a couple of things wrong, my muscle was tightened and I'm wondering if I didn't get it into muscle completely. My thigh isn't really swollen maybe a little, and its red.. Just tender and a little warm to the touch. Is this normal?

Also, Has anyone heard of this particular product:
Testosterone Enanthate
250 mg/ml

Any and All serious help would be appreciated!

Thanks in Advance


Sounds pretty normal. Any time you "open up" a new site for injection, it's going to be pretty sore. The muscle isn't used to have the extra fluid volume in it, is all. After my first couple of shots, I felt like I'd been punched. Not severe pain, but annoying. Fortunately, by the 3rd injection or so (into the same muscle) for me it was no longer a problem. I get little to no residual soreness now (I also use insulin syringes which are a lot less traumatic for the tissue--if you aren't doing this, look into it.)

Definitely make sure whatever muscle you're pinning is as relaxed as possible, put it into a neutral position and take all the weight off it. Pinning into a flexed muscle can cause knots.

As long as you did everything right, the risk of infection is pretty slim. If it gets worse over the next few days, you have a problem. If a site ever gets hot to the touch, or you get pitting edema (swelling that you can leave an impression in with your finger) those are red flags. A little redness or warmth is not a big deal.


I appreciate your help..
One last question.. Do you recommend switching muscles, does it matter or should I stay with the same thigh?


switch it up. right leg, then left leg. and if still sore use your glutes too


You mentioned insulin needles, I was told not to use that small gauge of a needle for the fact that the T is like an oil..

Another thing.. When I took my shot I had my muscle flexxed, I just assumed that was the way to do it... But, I'm also wondering if I didnt go deep enough and shot on top of the muscle.. Will it still be effective? I feel like I've noticed a change already in regards to my mood, stamina and a bit in my body.. Is this all in my head?

I know this probably varies and depends on how much and how hard I workout, and my diet, But.. how long before I should notice BIG results? I only ask this because I can't find anything on the T that I bought.

And if you have any tips for me, I would be greatful!
I am 5'9" and about 150lbs
Taking in about 90-100g of Protien in in the am and again in the pm
Mid day I have a light lunch, usually a chicken salad or a tuna wrap so about 30g there
I'm not really counting calories..
I work hard while at work with heavy equipment and work-out everyday for as long as possible (45m-1.5hours)

Sorry about the barrage of questions, I do truly appreciate your help - cK


Wow you have alot to learn and your tiny 150 pounds for real? Eat more protien try to get 300 grams a day in ya


I do have some learning to do..

A couple of years ago my brother was probably 160 at 6'2" and with his first cycle he gained 55lbs..
So, I'm trying to do everything he did.. But, he lives in another state and works with guys that are on constant cycles.

Any other tips?
I was told by my brother about the 300g of protein, that's just a shit ton of protein to get in.. I eat every 2 hours at work to manage

All help is appreciated..


Jesus christ. Stop now. You dont know what yorue doing. You are an emergency room visit waiting to happen.


You dont need to be giving information at this point.

A 4 site rotation is the bare minimum for someone that is new at this. You just told him to do 4 sites IF he's sore. That's bad information.



almost certainly a troll after reading that last post of his.


It's funny how full of bullshit you are at level 3 and yet no useful information.


The level has nothing to do with post history. FYI.

Someone that asks whether he should ROTATE SITES when doing a series of intramuscular injections is a stone cold idiot that has clearly done fuck all research on the subject. Good job. Thanks for giving responsible off label drug users a bad name


id say he is one of the most helpful people on the site. If you do a little research first, and ask a question that isn't answered in a sticky, most people are quite helpful and informative.


I thought if you only used one site once a week, that was sufficient? I use 4, but thought 2 would be alright if each site only got pinned once a week.


This would mean that you are implying that injecting test e once a week is the right thing to do. It's not.

Further, the more time between reusing a site, the better. Recommending something less than ideal is not helping anyone. If someone chooses to take shortcuts, that's their prerogative, recommending shortcuts is the last thing somoene seeking information needs.


Doing test e twice a week, you would hit right quad on say monday, and left quad on thursday. So then you are only using each site one time a week. no?


I think the more site rotation the better...provided you stick to the better sites. I inject twice a week as well (TRT) and I still use four sites...both vastus lateralis, and both delts. So each site is only hit once every other week...and I hit different spots within each site, too. I used to hit the glutes but I find it's just too much hassle to do it myself, and I don't want to ask others. Vastus and delts are easy, safe, painless. There are lots of other sites, but many of them are more dense with major vessels/lymph system/ nerves. All of which are unpleasant if hit.

OP, using insulin pins to push T sub-cutaneously (and other drugs) is pretty we-established and becoming very popular as the knowledge gets out there. I actually do "shallow IM" injections into the vastus and delts with slin pins...it hasn't affected my levels one bit. Just get it into your soft tissue, it will end up in your blood. I think docs will tell you "you have to do it deep IM" simply because that's the way it's always been done...doesn't make it true. There was a Canadian study done (don't have the citation) that proved Sub-Q injections are just as effective, if not better, at maintaining stable levels when compared to IM. Yes, they take longer to load because of the viscosity of the solution...but it's really not an undue hassle. It takes me about a minute to load .5cc of T-Cyp through a 28GA needle. It's actually easier to inject than using a 3cc syringe/25ga needle, believe it or not. Try it out...no reason to use bigger needles than you have to. Slin pins are the way to go.


I agree. I use 4. Quads and Glutes.


Okay, Bonez.. I apologize.. I have done research and I have talked to the people around me that use T.. It was my understanding that I should only inject the T once a week.. Because this is my first time I'm not stacking it with anything. My thigh is better, I got an antibiotic and it's seem to be helping..

Now, from what you said and what I understand of it, I should be injection twice a week? If so, should I do .5ml or the whole 1ml?
Again, I apologize.. And would appreciate your help.
Thanks- cK


You dont need to apologize for being new at this.

Two times a week is better than once. Yes you'd split the amount in half so you wind up with the same total amount as before.