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Thigh Injections


Just started ED injections of test prop. Glut and ventroglut shots cause me a enough pain to make weight lifting difficult. And the volume is just too much for calves. So I've been doing all my injections in the thighs. Is this a problem? Will this cause scar tissue to form? Would it help if I injected in slightly different places of the thighs (e.g. up an inch, down an inch)?


iv been doing thighs for 5 weeks. no problems at all. My uncle has been doing the same thigh for 20 years.. i think hes a fool but it can be done.

just watch out for Propionate injections. if you have a bad one.. you'll be limping for atleast 4 days.


The ester does not cause pain. Pain is due to the preparation.


How much volume are you injecting?

I find it strange that you find less discomfort in the thigh than in the ventroglute.

Site rotation is pretty important for ED injections. Split the injections in half if you have to and do 2 injections.

A small guage needle will minimize scar tissue build up. You can probably get away with insulin syringes if you are lean enough and doing low volume injections.


Thigh injections are the best for me


ive done 2 cycles were all mine went into the thigh with no problems, on my recent cycle once a week a dude at my gym will stick one into the glute for me.


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