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Thigh Fat?


I just wondering what exercises you all recommend to lose fat in my legs. I am not trying to spot reduce, I just want to know the best exercises, that have maximum results.


I dont know if you loose fat but Squat is always good, and if you want to loose fat, maybe some joging to


I know you say that you aren't trying to spot reduce, but you are...the legs are just a big spot. Get your diet in order and start squattin. This won't target the fat loss to the legs, squats are just a really good exercise.



The problem here is that you ARE trying to spot reduce. Some people carry fat in their legs, others carry it in a "spare tire" fashion, or on the backs of their arms. To reduce the fat in your legs you must reduce your total bodyfat percentage, which will come from a healthy diet and cardio.

However, it is good to build up the leg muscles, because then you attack the problem from two angles-- you build up attractive muscle underneath with squats/deadlifts/etc. and you reduce the fat on top through cardio/eating properly.



Food intake,

MUST lose fat everywhere to actually lose fat from the thighs. Aside from surgery.

You can build the Muscle which will make the thighs LOOK leaner, bigger more ripped.