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Thief: Review

Anyone else catch the premiere of Thief on FX last night? I didn’t even realize it was on but luckily caught a commercial for it.

I thought it was great. I’m excited about the season. Good characterization in the first episode.

That guy from the movie Cliffhanger is on the show. The one with the really raspy voice. When I was watching Thief I couldn’t understand a single word that guy said.

I wanted to check it out, but Tivo went on the fritz. It’ll replay on Friday for those who missed it. I’ve been a huge fan of Rescue Me and The Shield, so hopefully this will be as good as they are.

really theif ??
is it based on that james caan movie ?
that movie kicked ass.

I caught the premiere last night as well. I was trying to find something that can take the place of The Shield (DAMN YOU SHANE!!) for now, and this show seems to do an acceptable job. There was a lot of character developement in the first episode, and the writers seem to know what their doing, so i’m fairly intrigued as to how this show will progress.

At any rate, something has to take up my tuesday nights from 9 to 10, and I think this will do a good job. And Andre whatever his name is, is a solid actor.

Yeah, FX is taking over for great programming. They have some real original and intense shows. I’m just affraid that the FCC is going to step in any day now and put an end to it.

i dont think the FCC has much say over what FX does, it isnt a briadcast network

I saw a small part of it, but i still liked it. They killed off the white guy lol. FX has great programming, all they need to do now is bring back Son of the Beach.

[quote]elliot007 wrote:
i dont think the FCC has much say over what FX does, it isnt a briadcast network[/quote]

Thank goodness. I’ll have to catch the replay on Friday. Has anyone seen the Blade tv adaptation? Is it worth watching?