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I’m 35 been bodybuilding for a year.I’m 5’9 162 pounds when I started I was 138 pounds. so whats the problem right?I’m getting very wide across my back and chest but i’m not getting thick. my bi’s ,tri’s and shoulders are great legs are comming along good to.I do 4 sets at 8-6-4-2 as heavy as i can for 3 week then do 4 sets at 8-10 with just dumbbell for 3 week. then back heavy with the bar for 8-6-4-2.trying to keep my body guessing.I’m thinking about doing a cycle of testosterone.will this help or can I do something else and stay drug free.I ONLY do mass building moves and don’t know whats going on. I’m very faithful to my nutrition. please help

Let me get this straight … you gained 24lbs in 1yr,
(probably almost all muscle) and you’re complaining.
WTF - is the matter with you newbies…huh…???
Jim you had a GREAT year, now don’t go and spoil it
by “pissing us off!” BTW - It normally takes 3 years for for total body transformation in a newbie, so you should have 2 more years of growth before hitting stagnation.

Oh, Jim, if you gain another 24lbs over the next 2 years
consider yourself fortunate … fortunate and THICK!!!
(Boley Jackson)

I’m about your size 5’8" 170 12% bodyfat and started out at 135 several years ago…the only difference is i am 23 so i have an advantage…that is my testosterone and growth hormone levels are still high…anyways it sounds like your coming along pretty good…especially for only a year of training of course i dont know what your bodyfat is…if you wanna do it naturally and stay away from drugs i would recommend trying some new exercises…i definitely would recommend purhcasing charles poliquins book the poliquin principles…lots of good info on working out in their…its worth every cent best book i have bought and my friends have bought…also try increases your protein intake more…the bigger you get the more protein you need to maintain and grow…anyways supplements that are worth anything to me are creatine(but is still just water gain to me) and xenadrine( but thats for dropping bodyfat and maintaining muscle mass) and vanadyl sulfate(i think its pretty good)anyways as far as drugs that aren’t steroids I would recommend trying…clenbuterol…clomid…nolvadex…clomid would raise your natural testosterone levels…nolvadex would lower your estrogen levels and the theory behind that would be put you in a more anabolic environment cuz yout testosterone to estrogen ratio would be altered…and clenbuterol i have never used but have read that it can be anabolic…do some research on these…trust me you can find it out their in internet land…if you want to purchase a good book on steroids and other drugs i would recommend anabolics 2000…as far as steroids if you are gonna choose these i would recommend deca or primobolan…go to search and read steroids for health…i would recommend trying that if you do decide to do steroids…good luck…also just read alot of the test. magazine issues these writers know what they are talking about…the more you know the better…good luck

Sounds good so far. Are you incorporating as many pulling movements (and as much weight) as pushing? Be sure you are including pulling in multiple planes of motion to develop your back and complement your chest work. Then you’ll be adding mass to both front and back for thickness.

If you’re not already doing it – DEADLIFT!!

I had the same type of thing happen, and I think it was due to doing too much isolation and not enough compound movements. Since I started doing mostly compound movements, I’ve gained a lot of thickness, and my arms still grow without any isolation exercises for them.

deadlift, squat, power clean. The biggest and heaviest compound lift you can find. No thickness = no point.