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Thickness Vs. Width


It seems that as i've gotten bigger that i have grown mostly front to back, as in ive just gotten thicker, as opposed to side to site. i really have little chest, lat/back, or even arm or calve 'width'.

i know i need to get bigger in general, but im just curious as to why all the muscle im gaining is coming this way .is this just how my muscles are, or do certain excercises target 'width' as oppossed to 'thickness/depth'.


Certain exercises can affect width or thickness more.

Can we see a pic of you possibly? It would really help.


Width is mostly your lats & shoulders. But chances are you're just not very muscular in general, instead of those particular muscle groups being proportionally smaller.


My understanding is that vertical push/pull builds width and horizontal push/pull builds thickness. Want to get a wider frame? Start doing pull ups and military presses.


Not entirely true. Some vertical pulling exercises can emphasize the middle back, which will increase thickness, and some horizontal pulling exercises can emphasize width.

For me, I always feel pullups in my middle back, right between the shoulder blades. T-bar rows can go both ways, as I can emphasize either the middle back or outer lats.


Listen. Who cares if its thick or wide. As long as you have good girth your women could care less which causes it..... :wink:


well i currently dont have access to a digital camera, so no i cant get photos up yet. but i mean i guess the best way to describe it is that i ban tell im bigger, and like when i stand at a profile angle you can see the muscle thickness, as in my chest, abs, upper back, all that stuff sticks out. but from a front on view, i cant really flare my lats, and my pecs arent like wide. maybe it just comes with overall size...


I guess it's just a matter of whether the muscles responsible for inferior rotation in your scapulae or the muscles responsible for shoulder adduction are stronger.


@165 at 6'3. You have a huge frame to fill out. You need to gain at least 50-75 lbs over the next few years.. Post up your routine. Some of the vets can surely help out. I imagine you're not doing the right exercises and are doing some obsurd routine to begin with.


Well i havent weighed myself in a while, but last time i weighed around 175, so i am gainingg weight. and im doing WS4Sb right now...