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Thickest Protein Shake?

Hey guys, I recently tried Myoplex and I have to admit that I love the texture and thickness of the shake, and that’s just mixing it in water. I know it’s due to the casein b/c ON’s Casein and Metabolic Drive are really similar.

I’ve tried adding pudding mix to regular whey but it’s just not the same; anyone have any suggestions to thicken up shakes (besides adding fruit, cottage cheese, etc)? Or can anyone recommend a brand or product that comes out thick with just water?

The thickest I’ve tried was Labrada’s V-60. Shit comes out like batter. Too thick for my taste.

add some guar gum just like an 1/8 tables sppon itll make water by itself thick if thats your thing and give a nice whack of fiber


BSN’s Lean Dessert Protein is also super thick. It feels like your drinking pudding!