Thicker Waste from Squats and Deadlifts

Hi Christian
Do squats and deadlifts and there variations thicken your waste and hips to the point that when you put fat on round your waist could they make your waste even bigger then before you had muscle in those areas? . For example if I put some muscle on in my trunk lower back hips ect and I then put on fat over the top of it could that make my waist size go up alot more then before ? Thankyou in advance

I think the part where you put fat on is the part that thickens your waist. :smiley:

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That is very unlikely.

The abdominals, obliques and lower back work mostly isometrically during these movements and will not get damaged or receive a large growth stimulus.

I think a mistake people make is looking at dudes who squat and deadlift massive weights, see that many of them have a blockier waist, and assume that simply by squatting and deadlifting you will get a thicker waist too.

First understand that if someone has what it takes to deadlift or squat 700-800lbs (or more) he will likely have a body type that is advantageous reach that level and that can include a genetically thicker waist.

Then there is the fact that many of these elite lifters understand that to squat and deadlift monster weight, the core must be super strong. As a result they train it and train it HEAVY to make it thicker.

Finally not even everybody who squats/deadlift HUGE weights have a thick waist. For example look at lean olympic lifters, who squat 4-6 days a week, many of them have a small waist (for example the Chinese lifters). Heck, look at all the Instababes who squat multiple times per week, none of them have big waists.

Trust me, believing that squatting and deadlifting will lead to a large waist and big hips is a mistake. I think that it is an excuse people give themselves to avoid squatting and deadlifting (it’s fine not to do these lifts, but be honest and say that you just don’t want to do them). OR it is something people like to believe to think that the reason why they have a big belly is because squats and deadlifts gave them a big waist when in reality it’s that they gained fat.

In all honesty. Some people might get a thicker waist from heavy squatting and deadlifting, but we are talking about people who lift world class numbers.

Closing comment: the day you are gaining enough waist and hip mass from squatting and deadlifting is the day you stop caring about having a thick midsection because you are fuc**ng strong like an animal and outlift everybody so you stop worrying about being pretty.