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Thicker Neck?


I was wondering if their is anything you can do to get a thicker neck besides shrugs.


There is a harness that fighters will use to strengthen their necks- weight attaches to a chain that they then work out with.

You could probably find it on Titleboxing.com or something.

To a large degree, though, I think it's genetic.


squats, milk, and fellatio


just get bigger. Deads really help




How do I fellatio? I haven't got a gym membership and I've been doing mostly body weight exercises until I can afford a membership.


oh don't worry...lol...you won't need any weights for fellatio



This is by far the best thread on T-Nation!


Holy shit!


That made my life


Any of the guys at the gym can tell you how to fellatio.

At least, that's what I've heard.


The good thing about doing fellatio is you don't need to make a shake afterwords.


Well you might, depending on how demanding it was. I've experienced some people who really get down to buissnes and work hard.


The official thread winner of the


Yeah, the key is to really feel the muscle. At least that's what I've heard.


hahahaha wow this is priceless... The jokes could be endless




Keep practicing...and this could be you....


Damn it man, I just got that. You know with the hot protein injection and all.



I bet you're sorry you asked