Thicker Biceps

i recently had my first show and placed top 5 in both my classes. but one muscle group i am struggling with is biceps. I have a good peak but am having trouble making them thicker. Does anyone have any suggestions on workouts or training methods to remedy this?

You are an advanced BB and that’s your question?

Hammer curls.
Pinwheel curls.

See Meadow’s ‘mountain dog arms’ article

Peak is usually the results of genetics, although you can choose certain exercises in hopes to accentuating it.

It’s my thinking that the best course of action would be to simply focus on further increasing size. ‘Thickness’ is really going to come from that more than anything. Also, I’d never say that utilizing a variety of exercises is a bad idea, but perhaps just picking one or two and really beating the hell out of yourself with them. Not to chase #s here, but really instead try and make the bis take a beating with a basic approach, and perhaps a bit more volume than you’re using.

(I made some nice jumps myself when I simplified my own approach and raised my volume per session.)


Show us some pics, for thickness and overall arm size its nearly always the triceps which need working on

pictures from my first show

hammer the basics
and you can’t really do certain movements to get a thicker peak
but if you focus on reverse grip curls you can create the illusion
of a bigger peak