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Thickening the bones in our hands

hey T-guys and gals,
I heard that it was possible to thicken your bones through concentrated tension(eg. forarm bones using strait-arm bench presses).
I was actually just wondering if there was any way to get the bones in my hands to look any bigger. I’d love for my hands to look longer, but I guess thats not possible, so I’ll just have to settle for thickness.
They already look pretty puny now, and when my forearms get thickened by thoses bench presses, my fist is going to be pretty hard to distinguish from my forearms.
So if anybody know of any hand bone thickening exercises, please tell me.
And also, please mention whether it is more important to use have the bones under tension for a certain period of time or if it is better to use heavy weight for a short time.
Thanks dudes!!

Dude, resistance exercise can make your bones denser, not bigger.

Yeah, I understand that Synthol can give you permanent size gains. Perhaps injecting a bottle into each hand over a period of time will give you the dimension increases you are looking for. For length, perhaps you can use one of the penis pumps on each finger individually. This might give you a little bit of lenght overall.

Are you serious dude???

jay… extra density=extra size

and chip,i didn’t ask for any lenthening tips and no, your not funny but thanks for your time anyway

fat people’s hands look big, gain some weight you wussie.

You can build up the muscles in your hands so they look thicker, but they won’t turn into huge shovel-sized things from training them. Louis Cyr had the same problem (girly hands) & he just worked them lots.

actually, added density does not mean added size. Density refers to the amount of something that you can fit in a given space. For example, a room full of inflated balloons is not very dense. Fill the same room (same volume) with uninflated balloons, and you are packing much more matter into the same space. That is density. If your bones were to simply become larger, they’d be less dense (same cells in a larger volume).

Ja$e, what you heard was wrong. Pure and simple.

try penis-enlarging cream on your hands!

do some rock climbing and also knuckle pushups and hit a heavy bag . also crack your knuckles alot. this will thicken up your knuckles& hand muscles.