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Thick Grip Pads?


What do you think of using thick grip pads instead of gloves.

Main aim is to thicken the bar - for deadlifts, chins, rows, and even bicep curls, skull crushers etc.

I believe this is supposed to improve grip strength, forearm development and allow you to target/recruit the muscle in mind more easily.

I would not waste money on an expensive set of grip pads, I will just buy some heavy duty, extra thick foam/rubber.

Thoughts on using grip pads to thicken the bar - noticeable advantages?


Don't use them for deadlifts and rows.


My friend is actually working on making gloves that have the padding built in. This is a pic of the prototype (looks like poop but it's just a prototype). Even just messing around with these I notice a serious difference in forearm engagement.

It sucks when forearm strength is the limiting factor in heavier lifts which is why we want something to help better incorporate forearm training into compound exercises like these gloves. The design incorporates hand positions that rockclimbers would experience and if you know any rockclimbers I'm sure one of the first things you'll notice about them is their freakish forearms haha


Well they are obviously good for grip strength/forearm size.

Another use for them is on pressing movements, much easier on the shoulders. I slap my Fat Gripz on when my shoulder is giving me issues.


I've been using Fat Gripz and bars for a few months now and am really digging them, If I moved and didnt have access to them at the gym I would definitely invest in a pair, for 40 bucks they are worth the cost for the value they add to the training.


You want to improve grip strength by thickening the bar for deads and chins?

Can't you just do some forearm work at the end of your workout?


Thanks for the helpful comments - those gloves look insane! haha

I bought a sheet of double thick rubber/foam and cut out two square pads. I used them today for chins, chest press, shoulder press and tricep close grip press. They really did reduce shoulder pain as someone mentioned. I tore my left rotator cuff a few years ago and it still acts up occasionally.

Anyway, I plan to use them on all lifts except for rows and deadlifts..


use Grip4orce and say hello! If you aren't squeezing you aren't working. Increasing tension is increasing strength. The G4 grips are in a league
of their own, I've used them all and have to say these bad boys will get you strong