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thick bar

hi, im going to purchase a thick bar today online, im not sure whether to get the 2inch or 2.5 inch. i just answered my question, the end of the olympic bar is 2 inches (plate loading ends)and that seems good for starting out with (am i correct is it 2inches diameter or did i measure wrong?)

so i’ll ask another question, how many of you incorperate thick bar training? and how often? i just recieved my dinosaur training book (it rocks!!!) and it seems they use thick bar all the time.


ok ps: where did you get your thick bar? brutestrength.com sells them pretty cheap just wondering if anyone got one here and is it good quality, seems like it owuld be brutestrength has some cool stuff.

ironmind has the 2inch for 179+50$ S+H, and brutestrength has it for 49+15.99 S.H… big diff!

I’ve never seen a 2.5in thick bar, where did you see this? Ironmind, i believe, has the Apollon Axle-good quality bar, can’t say I know of the quality of the bar at brutestrength. I’ll have to check it out, but at that price I can’t imagine it can compare to the one at ironmind. Never, ever skimp on exercise equipment. I learned this a long time ago. Always go for the best you can afford, and if you can’t afford the best, then keep saving till you can.

brutestrength.com, 2", 2.5" and 3" barbells and dumbbells… . they make alot of stuff, im kinda poor so im thinking of skimping and going for the 49$ one :slight_smile: they have no picture of the barbell/dumbbells tho, thats why i dont know if i should order from them yet… just says 7feet, and has the weight… 20lbs for the 2" bar (ironminds is 33lbs)

Some links for you to check out



—7feet, and has the weight… 20lbs for the 2" bar—

Thats really light…sounds cheaply made…I don’t think I would trust it since your average oly. bar wieghs what? 30lbs…That would suck to have it fail on you don’t you think?

well i dont know, alot of them are light, olympic bar weighs 45, ironmind 2" weighs 33, brutestrength weighs 20lbs, i think its hollow’d steel or something im not sure heh (that cold rolled crap <-- have no idea what im talking about)

I would go with the 2" bar. If the diameter is too large you won’t be able to handle much poundage.

But you can easily go buy PVC pipe and attach it to your bars and see which size is the best fit for you. Then make a purchase for the correct size bar.

I made my own 2.5" bar. I purchased two diameters of pipe one sleeving into the other. The OD of the plate loaded ends (7’)is 2" while the ID of the other (5’)is 2". I slid the 5’ over the 7’ with 12 inches out either end then welded the “joint”. Instant heavy, thick bar with ready-made collars (the welded seems).

If the bar is 2.5 inches and only weighs 20 lbs it has to tubing or pipe. If it is pipe, I would shy away from that. If it is tubing it would probably be OK. You are not going to be loading it like you would a normal bar for a couple of reasons. One it is not going to rotate at the ends like a regular bar, which makes it a lot harder to grip. Two 2.5 inches is a BIG bar. If you have never done grip work with a fat bar get the 2 incher. I made my own bar from a 2 inch solid steel bar (weighs 72 lbs) and it was more than enough then. After 9 months it is still significantly harder than a regular 1 to 1.25 inch bar.

you’re right loopfit, im just going to save for the ironmind apollo axle and make my own dumbbell thick handles (with the olympic ones i have)

thanks for all the replies here