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Thick Bar Substitutes


I just got a copy of Kubik's Dinosaur Training. Good read, and without knowing it, I have already been incorporating many of those principles in my training.
Thick bar training is one of the points stressed in this book, and something I would like to 'play' with. I do not have a thick bar, and even if I did, my gym frowns at outside equipment.
I've heard about wrapping towels around the bar, but that doesn't like an effective idea to me.
I recall seeing some implements, maybe a foam, that you can use on the bar. I don't recall if this was to simulate thick bars, or just to increase grip/cushion.
Are there any handheld gadgets out there I could use? Anybody have experience with them, and what do you think?
I do have a fat pipe I use at home for a wrist roller. I have added towel pullups (can't do many, but I try static hangs for time to work up to it). I do static holds with a deadlift grip in the rack, have two 40lb kettlebells, an Ivanko Gripper and sandbags 25-100lbs. With these methods of addressing my grip, is a thick bar neccasary?


I'm about to start working on my grip training after seeing and reading a lot about it's importance.

Wrapping towels around the bar is exactly what I was going to use because they are soft, free, and will mold with your hand shape. I haven't used them yet, but they make sense to me.


Wrapping towels works spectacularly. It is soft and goes in a little when you grip it, so the actual thicknes is probably a little less than the measured sickness.


I cut some very thick rubber hose and have used it for wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, and regular dumbbell and barbell curls. It works good for that but I wouldn't recommend it for everything because the hose is not tight on the bar and could slide.


I second this. Towells are great for the poor.