Thick Bar Gadgets?

Back when I had a home gym I bought a thick barbell from IronMind. Loved it. Now I no longer have my home gym and instead go to a franchise gym that has no thick bars.

Is anyone aware of any product that could snap onto a regular barbell (or dumbbell) converting it to a thick bar? Ideally it would be something portable.

thanks - MAS

Lynx Grips:



If you’re mean (like me)you can find some rubber/plastic hose (I use a combination of both). Find some hose that will fit over the bar and slit it lengthways, it will now fit over the bar (DB)then get another size that will fit over the bar/first hose combo.
I use a plastic hose then a rubber one over that, it gives about 1.75 inch thickness.

Another way would be to use foam pipe insulator. It will be a little squishier but that would help the grip.


A homemade version that comes to mind is this: Get some pipe (PVC or metal) that is the size you want. Get two pieces about 8-10 inches long. Split them in half lengthwise (PVC would be easier of course.) Now get a few of the heaviest hose clamps you can find, you know the kind with a screw that you tighten. Go to the gym, clear this with the staff, prepare for funny looks, join up the two halves with each other and tighten them down with the clamps. Do your thing. I am totally shooting from the hip here and I would recommend starting VERY light to make sure their are no design flaws as I have NOT tested this contraption. Another option would be to buy a set of thick handled olympic plate loaded dumbbells (I have the IronMind set and love them) and just take them with you to the gym.

Can't say i know of any place with thick bar stuff for sale but as a personal view i really like thick bar training,  I am lucky enough to train at at gym that has all sorts of thick bar stuff, really like narrow grip press's with a 3'' inch bar, bb curls and tricep pushdowns and dip with thick bars

really gives your tendons a break and when u go back to a normal bar if feels like a twig, really like bb rows as well, nothing like having a good grip, invest in some stuff and i rekon u can’;t go wrong, all the best.

I just made a thick bar out of a 7’ length of 1.5" pipe. I attatched rubber connectors on the inside to stop the plates and bought spring clamps to hold them on. Cost about $40 to make and will hold just about all the weight you care to use.

this is what i use

what about talking to your gym and seeing if they would let you bring a thick bar in for the gym and in return they could give you a few months free or discounts or something. I always thought of something like that.