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Thick Bar Deadlifts


Does anyone know what is considered a very strong thick bar deadlift, double overhand of course.

This is a video of pro strongman Brian Shaw axle deadlifting what looks like 500


I'm pretty sure that was either very close to a world record, or a record setting lift for the ironmind bar.

There are some video's of people out there using homemade axles but who knows what they are really like.

If you are anywhere over 400lbs, I'd say that's good.



Shit man getting over 315lbs is a huge pain in the ass. esp without mixed grip. Even worse is if you use a "rolling thunder" style thick bar that has the rotating grips slid on.



I have a fat Bar made up for my gym, its 2" thick, no knurling, but we use it primarily for clean & press, very awkward without revolving sleeves, most lifted overhead is around 220lbs.

I also have 2 Rolling Thunder handles that we use for chins, extremely difficult if you go to a dead hang


I need to try this with my new Fatgripz.

Also, anyone here DL with the bar behind them? What is the benefit of this, and is there a name for this lift? Tks.


Eddie with 175lbs overhead on the Fat Bar,this was his 8th rep

He cleaned each rep from the floor


hack squat?


i did 285 double overhand on my 2" bar at 147.. only 165 on my 3" bar though... 3" bar DL is ridiculous.


No, pulling off the ground, like the regular DL. Hack you don't set down after every rep.


That's a helluva lift. Fat bars are a lot of fun to use.


Does anyone here do thick bar holds in their training. Those have built up my grip strength like crazy. Another lift that I love is thick bar reverse curls with a thumbless grip, those are insane on the forearms. For my reverse curls I could do 115 for reps with a thumbless on a regular bar about 3 months ago. I go and use the thick bar I made and 65 pounds was actually heavy, however I can currently do 100 pounds.


i've found thick bar holds to be great for grip strength. after incorporating them into my training i was finally able to pull four plates without straps.


I use my Fatgrips on the chin bar for holds. Getting past 30 secs. is a chore so far. Also perform farmer walks with them along with the Strength Shoes. FUN...and painful. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is a clip of Pro strongmen Dave Ostlund, Karl Gillingham, and then some other guy doing grip training. I got the idea of thumbless reverse curls from this video.