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Thick Bar Adapters

Awhile back, I remember an article that talked about thick bar training (I think it was written by Charles P maybe in MM2K?). Anyhow, at the end the author discussed a little device (I assume sold in pairs) that would fasten onto any barbell or dumbbell and turn it into a “thick bar”. Does anyone remember the device or know where I might find it? I have already checked Ironmind, etc.

These were reviewed in T-mag’s Stuff We Like column too. I think they’re called ez grips. Try the search engine at the main page.

ez grips are ok, not that great though.

Why not make your own. I did years ago and they worked great. For the bar you can go to a local wielding shop and great a five, six or seven foot lenght of either 2" Outer Diameter pipe or rod. Shorter lenghts can be made into dumbbells. Then have the shop weld on some inside collars. You can go as fancy as you want on these. I just wielded a piece of 2" internal diameter pipe for internal collars.
For simple handle thickener you can take to the gym, try some of the form insulation covers that are rapped around 1" pipe. I also use these on the dip bar at my gym because the handles cut into my hands when I dip with extra weight.
Best of Luck.