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Thib's Super Hypertrophy Program?


Apologies if this is already public knowledge, but I couldn't find any info using the search engine - when is this due to come out?




You can have my super hypertrophy program right now, for free!

Check it out: Lift heavy things repeatedly, eat lots of meat, sleep, repeat.

No need to thank me.

But seriously, I have no idea.


/hijack I really hate the word "hypertrophy-program/routine".
Like there's a serious "mass" program out there for putting on mass longterm that doesn't focus on strength gains.

The whole "hypertrophy" thing just confuses beginners into thinking that you either get big or strong on a routine, but not really both, or that adding weight to the bar or getting more reps is not that important, you just have to do a lot of volume or whatever or use big compound exercises or full body 3 days a week and will somehow magically gain muscle.


Super hypertrophy eh? Sweet.


Very naaaise indeed!

I bet it will make me supah swolage!


Points taken - no ideas then? I just called it the Super Hypertrophy Program because that's what they've been calling it here on T-Nation.


Sorry man, no idea when it's coming out.

Check thib's locker room threads (don't ask, I'm sure a whole bunch of people have already done that... Just check if he's spoken about it before... I'm not holding my breath for that to happen anytime soon, mind you).


Ain't coming from my fingers (my typed commentary) Hard, heavy, high-volume, medium rest periods, balls to the wall. That's my program. If you want more give me 39.99 and I'll write you a quick little booklet. Give me 1,500 bucks and I'll tell you how to train for a week.


Screw him, I can undercut that. Pay me $39.00 and I'll write you advice that'll have you jacked up in days. Pay me $1,499.00 and I'll give you a weekly program that'll have children screaming in fear when you walk past!!


Forget GG OP, for 2 easy payments of 19.99 I'll get you jacked in 72 hours and for 3 easy payments of 599.99 I'll have Olympia ready. All in all, a better deal.


In the meantime he has very many articles with programs that to me anyway appear entirely sound and good. So if there's a wait for this specific program, you could do other programs along the same philosophies in the meantime.


Last time this was talked about, I seem to recall him saying that everyone who thinks it will be "just another program" is in for a surprise. I'm curious to read it, if nothing else... it's been ages since it was first mentioned here.


My understanding is that it's going to be something similar to the V-Diet "Super Program" that was put together.


On reading your post, I see I was unclear. It probably sounded like I was saying the opposite of what you are: that the same stuff is out there already. But that wasn't what I meant. What I meant was that if one likes the way he approaches things, there's a ton of stuff already to keep one very productively occupied during any waiting period for this program.


Not too far off... but still undercutting it.


Oh, it wasn't in response to your post specifically. Just what I remembered reading, off the top of my head.


You're a tease.


Awesome, can't wait to see it.


I'll match that and throw in personal training sessions with the one, the only, LaBuff!!!


T-Nation needs to put out a daily article of Dr. Ken!

Does he still write for MD or PLUSA?