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hey coach!

you hypertrophy plans look almost like poliquin's, but he trains every muscle every 5th day, as he adds shoulders to the arm day and you dont. when I did a hypertrophy plan in november08 i followed your style and made superb results and i was just reading through some articles of Poliquin and he always suggests his way for best growth effect ...

do you think it makes a a really BIG difference for a natural athlete if he trains every 5 instead of 7? could you give me some short scientific insight on those two approaches so i could decide myself wether i stick to your's or poliquins routine next hypertrophy phase some day?


Coach, doing sports practices 3x week, at night, mon,wed,fri, athletes should do strentgh training on the same day?Or the other days? I am doing ws4sb. Thanks


Hi Coach,
from last September, I was on a strength-oriented programs and anyway I never trained my arms directly with "isolation" exercises.
My arms are still preserving a not bad shape (but no growth in the last time);
they are not fixed on my brain.
Now I'm starting the "Get Jacked";
have I maintain and follow (without any slight change..choice of the exercises..) the directions for arms in Get Jacked?

thank you very much



When using a targeted carbs approach, i.e. 40g total carbs only in para workout shakes, What are your guidelines for increasing energy intake in a controlled manner to gain strength/size when coming off a diet?
Is there a limit to how much you can get daily from P+F before you would start to increase Carb intake, and would it all be para workout or spread throughout the day?

Based on a someone who's relatively lean (c10% bf) but has a history of not dealing with carbs well, training 4 x per week, upp/low split, with one weekly cheat meal.

Many Thanks

(I've edited and re-posted this as it was right at the end of the last thread, I respect that you may not have wanted to answer the post but I put it on again in case you missed it, if there's a particular article you can point me in the direction of instead, please do)


Coach, I seem to remember you saying something along the lines of 12g Casein Hydrolysate would be absorbed as well or better than 50-60g whey isolate, but I can't remember what the estimated numbers actually were and can't seem to find the post where this was mentioned. Can you clarify this?



When utilizing the following post-workout nutrition of: 20g casein hydrolysate, 5g leucine, and .1g glycine/lb bodyweight during a fat loss phase is it advisable or advantageous to add Glutamine to the shake? Thanks.


I recently started your Refined Physique Transformation and would like your opinion on sushi. I'm having trouble finding consistent nutritional info:

  • is the sliced raw fish alone adequate protein/fat for a meal as part of the 6 days of low carb intake?
  • would the sushi/rice rolls be okay for a meal on the carb up day?
  • or eliminate the sushi altogether?



Please don't get pissed I don't know if you got this question last week

Thigh Routine

Coach I need to take a break from squats after the Get Jacked Program my knees need a break. Could you take a look at this and let me know what you think. Thanks
Also, my hams are beginning to over take my quads so I am going to train them separately (perhaps with back)
and I need more work on lower quads

Barbell Hack 4 sets 6-8 reps
Lunges (short and Long) 10-12 reps
Vertical Leg Press 3 sets 8-10 reps
Step Ups ( reps ??? and sets ???)
Trap Dead lifts ??? Not sure if this will be too much on the knees
I suck at one leg squat so I am going to try and work on these too.

I am going to alternate vertical leg press and step ups week to week and
I am really having a hard time with a quad routine that does not involve squats since I always have done them I am not used to some of the other options
Also you should know I am going to be working glute med and external rotatores to take less stress off my knees when I start squatting again which has been helping quite a bit
Thanks for any help



When it comes to triceps development, how would you compare exercise choices like 3-board presses, floor presses, partial OH presses off of pins, and lifts of that nature to dips in terms of risk-to-benefit ratio? The partial exercises seem like they would help best overload the triceps while sparing the shoulders (not to mention give you a lot of flexibility in terms of altering stress on the different heads of the triceps), while dips clearly provide a significant stress to the triceps in their own right and work more overall musculature for a significant hormonal boost. However dips definitely are more stressful to the shoulders than the other choices listed. Would you rank the others choices as comparable to dips for triceps development or place them a cut below?



With a fructooligosaccharide like inulin, where is the line drawn between it being moderately beneficial as a prebiotic fiber and being problematic? The other day I saw a food in the store called Yacon, which is some sort of tuber, that (at least according to my reading) is naturally high in inulin. I also know that some "Franken" foods contain inulin, which is why I am wondering if there is a certain threshold below which inulin can be a positive.


Thib, do you think taking apple cider vinegar and cinnamon in capsules would be just as good for insulin sensitivity as the liquid or the actual cinnamon?


Would some simple carbs before a HIIT day be enough to stop catabolism even on a low carb diet?


Yes, studies have shown that carbs consumed immediately pre-workout and/or during workout (if it's long enough) reduces cortisol output, which reduces catabolism.

However, with intervals, consuming carbs beforehand means that this will be the prefered source of fuel as long as it's available, so it might reduce fat loss a bit.


Yes, I've used both many times.


My own favorite triceps builder are:

  • the partial close-grip bench (slightly inside shoulders) either done off of boards or in the power rack starting off of pins.

  • partial overhead press off of pins

  • the JM press

I like the floor press, but it don't see it as a triceps dominant exercise despite the reduced range of motion.

I know that it's popular to say that dips are a great triceps builder, but personally I never go that much triceps stimulation despite using hefty weights. I like the exercise as an overall upper body movement, but not as my main triceps movement.


I personally really dislike sushi so it's not a subject that I spent a lot of time on. The fish would provide adequate protein and fat if the portion is large enough. 200g of fish provides roughly 25-30g of protein and 7-12g of fat. Those sushi pieces are something like 50-80g, you do the math.

One of my client thrives on using sushi as his carb-up meal. He doesn't need much carb to look good as his body is fat adapted, so a big sushi meal gives him just enough to look full yet not bloated.


I don't see a real need for it. It might give you a slight glycogen build-up (20g of glutamine can form as much glycogen as 10g of carbs) and an immune system boost. But on the other hand, it might decrease the rate of absorption of the rest of the shake.


That's not what I said at all!

I said that casein hydrolysate is absorbed so fast that it easily creates a state called hyperaminoacidemia, which stimulate anabolism. I then mention that to get the same state from a regular whey protein you would need a much higher dose. In that regard 12-20g of casein hydrolysate would have the same effect as 40-50g of whey.


Any chance of seeing the new Amit pictures if you have time to put em up.

What competition is he doing or is it just monthly pictures ?