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Thib's Q&A May 3rd - 10th


Ask away!


Hey CT,

I am on your beast building program. It's extremely well written and I am noticing nice results in a very short time. I am on week 2 of Phase I. Is there a way that I can include rotator cuff training in there without using up my 15 minutes of beach work? Either way, what do you recommend for rotator cuff training?

Thank you in advance.


I notice I get bloated when I eat certain foods. Should I avoid these foods even though they are healthy? If so, what would a healthy alternative for broccoli and cauliflower?


Yes, you probably should. You might have built an slight intolerance to them over time (this can happen if you eat a lot of the same foods over and over again) and consuming them might lead to a cortisol release.


I don't like drugs/medicines,
but unfortunately I have currently to assume pantoprazole ( it's a medical condition) and I don't known when it will be stopped.

Can Proton pump inhibitors , whose main action is a reduction of gastric acid production (utilized commonly in treatment such as Peptic ulcer , Gastroesophageal reflux , Gastritis) negatively influence digestive system and the use and uptake of macro/micronutrients from the diet?

foods, after being digested, absorbed, and metabolized, release either an acid or an alkaline base into blood.
What?s about Proton pump inhibitors effects on diet that should reflect slightly alkaline pH level?

thank you very much



What kind of gains can be expected over 6 months if you add L-Leucine (5g) to your meals vs no L-Leucine. Diet and training held constant? Thanks.


You'll gain 11.68503lbs and lose 7.839875lbs of fat.

Seriously, these questions are impossible to answer. Way too many factors are involved, not the least of which being individual response.


Hey coach, quick questions regarding your program design articles.
After a 12 week fat loss regimen, I will be taking two weeks off from training. I am now building a hypertrophy program based on your two part article to begin after my layoff. My questions are...
1. Using this split example from the article:
Day1: Chest/Back
Day3: Biceps/Triceps
Day4: Ham/Quad
Day6: Front/lateral/rear delts

Ideally, where would abs and calves fit in?

  1. Rear delts are listed on Day 6 in the example, but later in the article rear delt raises are listed on chest/back day as a back exercise. I'm a bit confused.

  2. Where would traps fit into the mix, back or shoulder day?

Thank you for your help, the articles have been invaluable in putting together this program.


Coach, how did things go in Columbus for you??


Good... could you be even LESS specific in your question. :slight_smile:


Calves at the end of the lower body day. Abs at the end of 2 of the upper body days.

They can be placed on either day. They are antagonist to the front delts but they are also involved in every pulling movement.

They could be on either day really. But I rarely include a lot of direct traps work. They already receive a ton of stimulation and, traps that are too big compared to your shoulders can ruin your look.


Well, i'm guessing any good details would be saved for the actual project that is in conjunction with the trip. Tried to get you to slip up and give a tease i guess :slightly_smiling:


just a general question. I see where Berardi and other coaches recommend 90 percent diet compliance to achieve results. that would allow me 3 noncompliant meals a week. It seems like I would get even greater results with higher compliance but I also believe that there may be a point of diminishing returns. do you feel that results would be even greater or is 90 percent good enough



There is no universal answer to that.

It depends...

  • on the severity of your diet (a diet that is more restricted in calories and carbs might benefit from 1-3 cheat meals a week whereas one that is less drastic and does provide a decent number of carbs will not really require loading meals)

  • on your body conmpostion (the leaner you are, the more "loading/refeed'' meals you need to have continuous progress)

  • on the duration of your diet (if you have been dieting for a longer period of time, "loading/refeed" meals can be useful in enabling progress to continue)

  • On your psychological profile (some people will have an easier time complying to the diet if they get "1-3 free meals" per week. Others will actually have the opposite response)


Mr Thibaudeau-

i just finished V-Diet and lost about 25 lbs, i asked you earlier a general question but now i guess ive gotten more specific and maybe you'd be more inclined to answer, on the heavy days of destroying fat program does this order look ok? or is it supposed to be A1,B1,A2,B2?

I've read that when you originally did the destroying fat article it was a typo. Please help, really confused here! any suggestions or corrections would be greatly appreciated as well. here are my two heavy days. thank you so much for all you do!


A1. DB press
A2.DB flies
B1. pull-ups
B2. chest supported shrugs


A1. Squats
A2. Dumbell Lunges
B1. Romain Deadlift
B2. leg press


Since it's a heavy day, you should use antagonist pairings:

A1. Main chest exercise
60-90 sec. rest
A2. Main back exercise
60-90 sec rest

B1. Secondary chest exercise
45-60 sec rest
B2. Secondary back exercise
45-60 sec rest

BUT that having been said. I don't like when people continue on with a maximum fat loss plan after being on the V-Diet. You should give your body a dieting break for 7-14 days before hitting it hard again diet-wise


will do, i think i will just eat healthy for a week or two then start, do the workouts look sufficient then or is there any changes you would make? i am still a "beginner" i guess you would say, i know the pull-ups will need to be assisted unless there is a good substitution for pull-ups? thanks again for your help and quick response.


Have you had an opportunity to try Testo Libre? If so, thoughts?


Hi Coach,

Will you point me in the direction of the most reliable body fat calculation method using a tape measure?



Using a tape measure? There is none. Taking "a good guess" is as reliable as trying to use the tape measure to establish body fat.