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Thib's Q&A - May 11th - 18th


Last week my computer was struck by a facebook virus so I wasn't able to answer all questions. Feel free to repost your questions in this week's thread.


A Discussion i found:

It's a very good approach. However currently I'm leaning more toward something like this if you are to combine these elements:

3 exercises for each; one in the 2-5 reps range, one in the 6-8 reps range and one for higher reps or a special technique.
Combine one exercise for each muscle and go back and forth between them...

1 metabolic pairing of 3 exercises, 3-4 sets

20-30 min

3 exercises for quads and hams; one in the 2-5 reps range, one in the 6-8 reps range and one for higher reps or a special technique.
Combine one exercise for each muscle and go back and forth between them...

15 sec intense - 45 sec relax x 10-12

20-30 min

3 exercises for each; one in the 2-5 reps range, one in the 6-8 reps range and one for higher reps or a special technique.
Combine one exercise for each muscle and go back and forth between them...

1 metabolic pairing of 3 exercises, 3-4 sets

20-30 min

30-45 minutes of cardio on non-workout days

Sorry if this was a massive copy and paste but it was what was said on the article. Anyway, Are the metabolic portions 1 metabolic pairing with 3 exercises of 3-4 sets done like this for example:

A1)Clean Grip Power Pull 6-8,
A2)Dumbbell Swings 15 Left, Right and both hands,
A3)10 Vertical Leaps + 30seconds BW squats as many reps as possible?

(After the Strength part of course)

OR is it actually 3 of the combinations outlined in the Metabolic Pairings Article?
I did These earlier. Yes. Very Metabolic!


Thib, some random questions for you:

1). Would you recommend ALCAR in addition to Alpha GPC pre-workout to help potentiate it? What amount?

2). After reading your Insulin protocol thread, do you have any updated personal protocal that you like for restoring insulin sensitivity now that Receptormax is out? Would you still include supplements like Fenugreek and HCL? Any other supplements/certain foods that seem to significantly help insulin resistance?

3). What fat loss/lactate-inducing workout has seemed to work best for your body composition clients? I realize that a workout is used in conjunction with an entire fat loss program, but have you seen particularly good results with something like Metabolic Pairings when compared to others?



No, you only perform 1 combination per workout.


Just purchased your Get Jacked program and would like to start right away. However, I have taken about 3 weeks off since last training. Would you advise I can start with week 1 or should I work into it?

Thanks for a great looking program!


Hi Coach.

I had a question about complexes/metabolic parings. Whenever I do cardio, I much prefer to use weights as my cardio instead of a more traditional approach like sprint intervals or doing steady state. Since complexes or metabolic parings are much more draining than other forms of cardio:

1) How often would you recommend one do complexes or metabolic parings?

2) Whats the maximum you would allow someone to do them?

3) How far away from failure should we remain?

I weightlift 3x a week, and was thinking about alternating complexes and your metabolic parings 3x a week, on off days, with one complete day off.



I apologize if this is beyond the scope of what you want to answer, but when would you recommend a trainee get his/her thyroid checked if weight loss isn't happening, but changes have be made which would seem to cause weight loss? Thank you


Are there any exercises that you would never (or extremely rarely) remove from a client's programme? I only ask as I am a rugby player but am having trouble with shoulder stability and was considering removing dips and wide grip pullups from my programme. Also, should these exercises be a problem for me (understand you don't advise on injuries online so feel free to ignore this part). Thanks.


Greetings Coach!

Was wondering if you would have any idea as to where to start in regards to supplementation for Racquetball?

Now that I've advanced into the Intermediate brackets here in Texas, I would like to take it to the next level in regards to supplementation.

I've taken the recommendations from 'The Athlete Diet' published by John Berardi to heart, while also rounding out my whole foods as much as possible to your recommendations (ZMA, Metabolic Drive, Flameout), but never really looked towards anything else; more, concentrating on the whole food aspect to make sure my bases were covered.

But, I look at some of these products and immediately become lost (as to what I should purchase & how much to consume).

Class has ended, so my sessions are between 2-3 hours (while weightlifting twice a week).

I am all ears to suggestions good sir.

Thank you in advance!


Do you consider it worth to learn to use the "hook grip" when not beeing a powerlifter or olympic weightlifter?


Hey Coach,
This could not be really a training question, rather a nutritional one. Is it possible to develop a food intolerance to ,say, poultry after constant few years of consumption? Thanks


Hi Coach

Im currently following your low carb diet you outlined somewhere on the site. I've been doing well, into my 4th week and losing fat slowly but surely. Can you recommend any fat loss supplements that can help me further. I have been looking at L-carnitine, R-ALA, CLA etc

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this



I have been dieting down gradually since Jan, and have lost about 27 lbs. I am guessing I am around 10%bf, and according to your Get Shredded in 6 days article, spot on as a Level-2. I was thinking of starting that 6 day shred, and my question is, since I am currently at about 50-60 carbs / day (mostly POW), will that program still have a dramatic effect, considering my carbs won't really drop that much?



It depends on your problem area. If you have a tendency to store more fat in your love handle area something that improves insulin sensitivity is in order... a good fish oil like Flameout would be the first thing to add. 6 daily caps of Flameout or 12 daily caps of a regular fish oil would do.

Then you might look into Receptor-max which will improve insulin sensitivity and increase androgen receptor sensitivity, both of which will help you lose fat and maintain/muscle mass while dieting.

Then you can go into a pure fat burner, HOT-ROX Extreme is one of the good choices you can make.

But regardless of your choices 80-90% of your fat loss success will depend on your training and diet.


You know, that's a very good question. And the answer would be ''No, this loading strategy will not be optimal''.

From experience, while a short term low carbs approach improves your capacity to supercompensate glycogen stores; when you are on such a diet over the long run the 'carb deplete/carb load strategy' stops working, or doesn't work as good. Mostly because the 'deplete' is not seen as a deplete anymore and thus the body doesn'r get into surcompensation mode.

With low-carbs dieters who had to peak I had the best results with the following approach:

(assuming that you want to peak on Saturday)

Monday - Thursday = as low carbs as possible (under 50g), drink as much water as humanly tolerable, on the last 3 days use an herbal diuretic 3 times a day.

Friday: Add around 15g of carbs from fruits (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, pineapple, etc.) with each of your first 4 meals (breakfast, AM snack, lunch, PM snack). Besides the fruit, these meals stay the same as during your diet.

On your evening meals (dinner and nightly snack) have a bit more carbs (30-40g per meal) in the form of starches like potatoes, rice, etc. I find that sushi works really well here.

Stop drinking at 4PM.

The rest of the 'Shredded in 6 days' plan applies.


Oh yes! It happened to me with milk.

I used to be a huge milk drinker, in fact I would get most of my daily protein intake from milk. I would basically live on the stuff.

On year I went away for a week to coach at an Olympic lifting competition. Our dorm and housing for that week was in a high school, in the middle of nowhere.

One thing you must know, I'm extremely picky with food. There is not much stuff I like. We were given 5 coupons for each of the 3 daily meals at the cafeteria. Each coupon was good for one item (e.g. 1 beverage, 1 entre, 1 main meal, 1 desert, 1 fruit... something like that).

Since I basically hated everything they had, I would get 5 glasses of milk per meal (to at least get my protein in). I also walked to a local convenience store and bought a gallon of milk a day.

After 4 days on this regimen I was not able to tolerate milk at all... haven't been able since then!

Every food has elements which can potentially lead to an intolerance to that food. In most cases these elements are too few to actually lead to an intolerance. But the more you eat something, the more chances you have to fall on the ''one'' that has enough ''bad elements'' to actually lead to an intolerance.


Yes. You never know what the future holds... you might want to compete on day and will be in trouble if you had to rely on straps for your heaviest loads all these years!

But if you truely only want to train to look better and be stronger without any intentions of competing, you don't have to learn it, I consider wearing straps acceptable for non competitive lifters. Heck, most elite olympic lifters use straps in their training.

There is some evidence that straps could actually decrease the neural stress from lifting, thus allowing you to use a greater percentage more often without overtraining the nervous system.


The first thing to take are off is para-workout (or para-game) nutrition.

Start with Surge Workout Fuel... in your case 1 scoop 30 minutes prior to your games/practices and one more scoop throughout the game/practice.

Then end each game/practice with 2 scoops of Surge Recovery.

If you nail this you will have more energy, will recover better and thus perform better. This is really the foundation of every good supplement program.

Then you can look into stuff that will increase your mental focus. I like Power Drive, but prefer to use it post-workout to help with neural recovery.

Pre-workout I'd go with Alpha GPC, which will be out soon.


If there are other signs of hypothyroidism (lack of energy, feeling cold, no motivation, etc.), yes, I would have it checked.


It depends on the daily volume and how the week is split up. I like to perform the regular strength workout, then finish with one metabolic pair.

However I've also used ''whole metabolic days'' which consisted of doing 3 metabolic pairs. Obviously in that later case you would only have one or two weekly sessions.

I actually had female clients do only metabolic sessions, three times per week. This is NOT optimal for someone interested in maximizing muscle mass, but it does bring fast fat loss results.

With men wanting to be muscular, not only lean, I would never allow the metabolic work to surpass strength work in importance. So the max amount of metabolic work you can do really depends on the amount of strength work you are doing.

A mistake people make is to be seduced by the fat loss effect of metabolic pairings and completely forget that strength work is super important for optimum body comp results.

I have no idea! Nowhere near failure that's for sure. But the sets should be metabolically challenging. If you are not near death trying to catch your breath after each set (try that for poetry!) then you are not working hard enough.