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Thibs Pulldown form critique


Any feedback? It's a completely new movement for me.


You need to work on your retardedness a bit more - add in a few muscle spasms, and the odd groan, should do it





Did you feel it?


your butt crack was appearing




Watch the video of him doing them again and note his elbow patch. That didn't look right to me, lol.


The movement is designed to create maximum fatigue in the lats and minimise involement of all other muscle groups. At that sort of rep cadence the movement is redundant. Slow it down on both the negative and positive otherwise it won't create the desired affect. And don't forget to squeeze for 2 seconds, as this is probably the most important part of the movement.

Additionally your arms are all over the place. You appear to be using far too much weight. Your almost half way down the stack. In the videos showed by Christian and others they seem to be using half the weight you do. And there back developement (Daryl Gee, etc) far surpases yours. No disrespect, just stating that if they require low weight, then it should ring alarm bells that the movement doesnt require you to use alot either.


Ok. Thanks. I'll drop the weight significantly and holding the contractions. I don't see the arms all over the place thing though. When I watch I feel like my arms stay in the same plane throughout the movement.


Are you talking about how wide apart the sleeves are?? I tried using them on the narrow one and didn't feel it as much in my lats.

I mean here's a vid from last week with the narrower grip:


In the early part of your set (first few reps) your arms move in the same plane, contracting the lats, true. I more specifically meant the later part of your set. You seem to be pulling backwards and contracting your traps.

The other tip I recall which Thib mentions, is that he did reps with perfect form (sat up straight, neutral back), and then as he fatigues, to continue the set, he uses a slight lower back cheat (kinda of like your set) to continue - like a mechanical advantage technique.


Alright. So this was either 125lbs or 140, can't remember. What do you think for next time? 80?


I find that with lats, the slower and more controlled the more I feel it.


I have no idea..just go by feel. All I know is that when I squeeze, stretch, slow tempo etc. I use around 50% of the weight, I would have used if I were just going through the motions and trying to impress someone.


I kinda liked your second (narrow grip) set a little better with regard to arm position, but ultimately, it's about what your feel hitting the muscle best.

I haven't played with the exercise much myself, but it almost seems best to think of it more like an armless 45-degree high row rather than a pulldown (which would be more of a distinct vertical motion).

Also, I could've sworn they caught this exercise on one of the Indigo Boot Camp vids, but I couldn't find it.


Honestly OP why are you wasting your time doing these? Giant backs were built from the basics, not Thib Pulldowns. I am very curious as to why you are doing these...


My pull workouts are just following the template laid out in CT's Lat and Bis part of his HP series. Notwithstanding the critiques I've received in this thread on ways to correct my form, I have substantially noticed more of a pump in my lats then I've ever felt before. So far so good and I'm happy with my results.

I'm surprised that you are passing judgement on the program I choose based off of one exercise. His program definitely hits "the basics." This exercise has done well for "waking up" my lats so far.


I appreciate the feedback. The more I watch his videos I realize I have way too much body english going on. I will drop the weight until it feels like my lats are doing the bulk of the movement and hold contractions for 2 sec.


By no means am I passing judgement on the program. I am not familiar with it therefore it would be out of place for me to do so. The goal of Thib pulldowns is to take the arms out of the equation. I just feel that you shouldnt need a special exercise to do so. Just learn to do the same with chins/pulldowns where there is more room for progression.


Conventional pulldowns are part of my workout. It's basically:

Thibs pulldown: 4-6 sets

Superset: straight arm pulldown, or pullover with lat pulldown