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Thib's Pre-Vacation Q&A Blitz


Guys I'm leaving tomorrow (Saturday) evening for 1 week in Cuba (much needed vacation). Internet access is very limited over there (I might be able to come online one hour a day) and I can't bring my laptop.

So until that time I'm devoting my whole time the answering as many questions as I can. Post them here.

When I'll get back I'll start another Q&A thread as the one I have is too slow because of the post volume.



I am about to complete week 1 of your "Get Jacked" program and as I was looking ahead I was wondering how to set up the weight progression from week to week.

Assuming my current 1RM for Squats is 380, how would you periodize the weights throughout the rest of the program? Where would you have them peak? Or is it simply a matter of blasting Squats everytime they are called upon?

I normally use a set percentage increase and a stable set/rep scheme from workout to workout, hence my confussion.

Thank you and enjoy your vacation.



Have a great time you deserve it. Smoke a nice cigar for me please. Enjoy.


Hi Coach

I've been reading your works in relation to optimum diets for certain body types. Could I ask you to clarify a small point before I embark on your recommendations: that for an average individual trying to gain mass while accepting an average fat gain, a carbs cycling approach is best. This approach entails P+F meals for 4 days then a carb-up on day 5.

Coach, is this correct and, if so, should I avoid or include ingesting carbs peri-workout during days 1-4?
Many thanks for you time and have a great holiday.



During weeks 5-8 (Get Jacked) you recommend adding HOT-ROX and Insulin control supplements.

I carry most of my fat in my love handles, are the Insulin control products still optimal?

I am too sensitive to HOT-ROX, would you substitute Alpha Male or something else?


For compound movements always strive to use as much as weight as you can for the prescribed number of reps. On those exercises, at the end of the set you should have 1 rep or so left in the tank. Always strive to increase the load whenever possible.

For isolation movements the actual weight isn't as important. Pick the weight that allows you to reach muscle failure within the prescribed reps range.


What you described is a form of carbs cycling... carbs cycling simply refers to waving up and down your carbs intake during the week.

The number of higher carb days and low carb days will depend on your goal. Add more low carb days if you want to focus on lean muscle gain with minimal fat or add more higher carb days if gaining as much size as possible is your goal.

You could start with...

Monday: low-carbs (less than 50g)
Tuesday: moderate carbs (100-150g, at least half of it directly post-workout)
Wednesday: low-carbs
Thursday: high carbs (as much as 200-300g of carbs)
Friday: low-carbs
Saturday: moderate
Sunday: moderate

And depending on your progression add more high carb days (if you are no gaining fast enough) or more low-carb days (if you are gaining too much fat).


Love handle (supra-iliac) fat is the number 1 indication of an insulin resistance problem. So yes, the insulin supplements are great for you.

Alpha Male is not a fat burner. You can try lowering the HOT-ROX dose



Regarding the 10% weight difference when waveloading for strength, would you still use the same idea on a wave of 5/3/1/5/3/1 if the difference in your strength from 5 reps to 1 rep is huge?



Normally a 2 reps difference is around 5%. So for 5/3/1 most people would use:

1 x 5 @ 82%
1 x 3 @ 87%
1 x 1 @ 92%

1 x 5 @ 85%
1 x 3 @ 90%
1 x 1 @ 95%

Yeah there is actually a 13% difference, but intra-wave it's still 10% and 13% isn't a huge problem. I would avoid a greater difference though.


Thanks for the quick response and ALL the valuable FREE info you give us everyday. Have a great vacation!!



I seem to carry a lot of fat in my lower pecs. Last place to lose it. I think I recall you saying it's an aromitization problem? What would be the best way to combat it? Cruciferous vegetables, ie broccoli? Any other substances that act as strong natural AI's? Thanks. Have a great trip.


Increase your fiber intake.

Increase your zinc intake.

Use Rez-V first thing in the morning upon waking up.

Eat more broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts.

Focus on heavy (4-6 reps) lifting.



How long after training can I eat meals with starchy carbs. For example: Say I lift then immediately after have 1 serv of Surge Recovery. Should I wait about an hour, have a meal with carbs/protein, wait around 2 hours and have one more meal with carbs/protein or would this be overkill? Should I just try to get in as many carbs (with protein and very little fat) as I can within 3 hours after I train? I am trying to gain lean mass with as little fat gain as possible. I also use SWF if that matters. Also what is your opinion on waxy maze starch for post workout?

Apologies if you have answered these questions in the past.
I am still amazed at your level of commitment to help everyone on this site. Your time is always appreciated.

Thank you


I carry the same problem. If I were to purchase an insulin supplements, which product would you recommend? I'm not familiar with them. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi coach,
I usually sleep 8 hours each night, but last night I couldn't sleep until 3 am, so I barely got 2-3 hours of sleep. I was wondering if I still get the supercompensation and the benefits of the workout I did that day.


I'm not gonna lie to you. A bad night of sleep WILL affect your recovery and your gains, especially if this is not something you are used to.

It will not totally nulify what you did in the gym though, it will most likely simply delay your recovery by a day.


Receptor Max by Biotest is a good place to start. Fenuplex by Poliquin is also an effective product.


Hey Coach,
What percentage of carbohydrate should an ectomorph have compared to protein and fat? I am very tolerable to carbohydrates. Should they be mostly comprised of grain products?

Thanks, FA



I asked this question in the strength training forums, but didn't get any responses, so I figured I would try your expertise.

I am trying to find out if you have any experience with the Hormonal Fluctuation Model created by Glenn Pendlay and Micahel Hartman. It is a 5-, 6-, or 8- week program (depending on various factors) that involves ramping up both volume and intensity (and frequency for that matter over a 2 week period, followed by a week (in the case of the 5-week model) or two (in the case of 6- and 8-week models) of overreaching that is supposed to depress your t/e ratio by between 10-30%, followed by a tapering period of 2 weeks (for the 5- and 6-week models) or 4 weeks (for the 8-week model).

The concept is that depression of the t/e ratio between 10-30% during the overreaching period is a pretty solid indicator that enough work has been done for supercompensation to take place by the end of the tapering period.

Coach Pendlay and Michael Hartman (and perhaps Lon Kilgore for that matter) wrote an o-lifting program back in 2000 called the MSU experimental training program 1.0 based on this concept (specifically for weightlifting). This was the original 6-week model (and apparently they now prefer an 8-week program with a 4-week taper for better results).

I was curious whether you are familiar with this particular model (the HFM) of overreaching?

If so, what you thought of it (and for that matter whether you have experimented with the program at all)?

And finally, how you think this model might be applied to powerlifting?

Sorry for the long-winded question. And if you are not familiar with this particular version of overreaching, sorry for taking up your time with such a lengthy question before you go on vacation.