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Thib's Oly Routine Periodization?

I’m in China right now doing Thib’s Olympic Lifting routine, but instead of 12 weeks I have 8 to work with, and I won’t have access to a gym for 2 weeks afterwards. I’m considering condensing the periodization of it to
Block 1: Week 1 (loading) Week 2 (volume) Week 3 (intensity) Block 2: Week 2(volume) Week 3 (intensity) Block 3 Week 2 (volume) Week 3 (intensity)

I’m at week 3 right now. So essentially take out the loading and unloading weeks. What do all of you think of this? If it matters, my experience with olypmic lifting before this routine is limited, but I have done clean&jerks and snatches occasionally in my program and have been taught good form.

Do you have a link for this routine?

it’s in his ebook, haven’t seen it on here