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Thib's Keto Experiment

Dear coach

2 questions if you please (relating to your Keto week 3 blog):

  1. You added an MCT + whey shake to your diet - is this used straight after you train? Also, would an HMB/Citruline/caffeine stack work well as a pre-workout? (as HMB doesn’t cause an insulin response)

  2. I can’t access Instagram (issues in Thailand) - can you please share a rough idea of what your training week looks like now your a Keto man? (reps and sets included).

Had my blood work done (just turned 40) doc recommends an keto approach for optimal health (and some TRT which I will start later this month)

Thanks in advance


It is used after I atrain

HMB does absolutely nothing, waste of money. Citruline is okay but by itself it’s nothing special

Sorry, I don’t have time to do that and it changes quite often