Thibs Journal - Reactivation

Hi @Christian_Thibaudeau do You plan maybe to get back to posting about Your training weeks? For me it was super interesting and I was waiting for it with site refreshing whole Sunday’s. The stuff that You where providing there was super beneficial. How it is going with You challenge to bit 40 yards sprint record?

I don’t think I will. My schedule is just crazy right now.

I also changed my objective back to more aesthetics because I kept pulling muscles… turns out that high performance/high impact training at 45 is not as easy on the body as it was in my 20s


Sad to hear that You had so many issues with pulling muscles :: and also that there is an end with Thibs jurnal :cry: But got to You that there is a lot of work and maybe money with it :smile:

Just share with us from time to time what is Your current schedule or approach.

Maybe there’s a middle ground? I like the periodic review where you tell us your goal and then your general plan of attack. I don’t know how well that actually translates into driving any visitors to your site(s), though; it’s just an “I enjoy it”.

But it would be cool to see something like: “ran into muscle pulls, identified these issues; changed goals, recovery/ scheduling are the constraints, therefore now I focus on X.”

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Wait until you’re 55 almost 56.

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I love running 40s and pushing the prowler, but it’s a calf strain every time I try to get back into it.

Just to hop on the bandwagon, occasional threads like these:

even if only once every couple of months would be nice.

Either way, thank you for everything you do.

Yeah I’m also very interested in Your current workout. Your posts about it is really motivating to hard work :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna lie. It’s something I HATE doing. I don’t know why, it just is.

My workout is like my me time and it feels like I’m losing my secret garden if I put it out there.

I also like to experiment and vary things with my workout and I feel like I need to justify any little changes I want to make if I have a journal, which takes the fun out of it.

I’ve tried to do it a few times in the past, because I really want to help people out. But I probably won’t do it again, in any form, because it kills the fun of training for me.


Totally fair

Yes make sens. All of us need privacy space. I was just wondering if You are still using whole body split since You are no longer focusing on performance but on aesthetics, but You don’t need to answer.
Still a lot of good stuff from your side online. Do you maybe have some place where You are writing something about Your athletes progress or success?