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Thibs' HP Mass Program for Rugby?


currently Im performing a pretty simple program for my inseason strength work and getting pretty decent results. upper body ME once a week Upper body Rep work once a week and Leg ME once a week. But I need to start adding some mass and strength to my upper body as it's lagging, so i thought swtiching to this 'High performance mass' system might give me the best of both (strength and LBM).

Any thoughts on this ?


If your inseason don't worry about putting on mass... just focus on maintaining whatever you have now.

And why did you post this in a training log??


sorry I wasn't sure where else to post it. And I've found that I can gain strength


I found I can gain strength and mass in season so that's why i was thinking about trying something like this and adapting it so i lift upper body twice and lower body once since this volume has sufficed up until now to gain strength just not as much mass as i really need


Wendlers 531 for Football book outlines a good in-season program.


Hallikfrank I did actually use 5/3/1 for football program during the offseason and part of the preseason, And it's a really great program! the only problem I have with it is that I need to perform pretty much the same volume for my upper body as I did in the offseason lifting heavy two days a week into one day. the 3 exercise ramp seemed ideal for me since my overhead press strength is frankly emberassing but my flat bench is at a respectable level, I thought by using the 3 exercise ramp would allow me to priotise overhead work while still improving or at least maintaining my strength on the incline and flat press.

I was thinking of doing one day of heavy work that would look something like this

Military press
Incline press
floor press
I'll use staggered sets for the assistance work using chin ups, rows, and face pulls.


week 3 of the hp mass program has you doing 38 pressing sets in 1 day...if you stagger even 75% of those sets it's another 28 sets for a total of 66 sets in 1 day

not quite an in-season program for mine

you might just have to choose 2 upper exercises and do 1 on each day (staggered with 1 exercise)

pop a lower body exercise in btw them where you can stagger some eccentric-less upper body i suppose if you're keen

day 1 - upper x 1 exercise _ staggered assistance
day 3 - lower x 1 exercise + sled upper
day 5 - upper x 1 exercise + staggered assistance

progression wise you might have to go a different route so maybe only do 2 weeks per phase...week 2 is still a lot nut it's 10 sets less than week 3

week 1 - as written
week 2 - as written
week 3 - increase wt 5pds and repeat week 1
week 4 - same wt as week 2 and repeat week 2
week 5 - increase wt and so on

i can barely how i'll see out week 3 with no sport so i don't know how it will go for anyone actually training and playing at the same time


CTs program will be way too much volume for in-season work. I would just go with 531, especially if that has been working good for you before. This is really a matter of priorities, train to support your rugby playing for now, then, in the off-season you can really work on your overhead strength. Good luck!


Go a few pages back on this forum and find CT's latest football program.


it's off season