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Thib's Get Jacked Program

I recently purchased the program and have read through. It is a great read and program looks great. I set this post up for those who are following the program, who have questions and comments. For those who wish to post their progress for others to see and possibly get them to purchase the program to change their bodies as well.

I am starting today with a goal date of May 1rst. The only question I have had so far with the program is that I workout first thing in the AM. How does this effect the meal timing on the chart? Do I have the pre w/o shake instead of breakfast? do I flip the AM snack to afternoon?

I think you should make a log in the Training Logs forum or request a mod to move this thread over there.

Sounds good to me. MODS let’s move it over please and thank you.

Day one (legs) kicked my rump. It was intense.
Today is Day two of week one. Interested to see how strength levels go during restrictive calorie eating. I never have done a true cut or fatloss. So I hope I can mentally stick with it.

Finished the first week, and onto the second.

Have to say that the stutter sets are very humbeling exercises. I could not use half as much weight…Very effective though.

This program is very enjoyable as well.