Thib's Chin-up Program + Dips

I’m thinking about doing Thib’s chin up program (Regular guy) plus dips.

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So day 1 I would do chins, day 2 dips, day 3 lower body (maintenance), day 4 rest, day 5 chins, day 6 dips and day 7 rest.

Would this be silly? Does anyone have experience with this combination?

I posted my original question in slightly different phrasing in the training questions forum.

Christian Thibaudeau’s answer was a couple of suggestions…

Something like:

DAY 1. Pull (chins)
DAY 2. Lower body
DAY 4. Push (dips)
DAY 6. Repeat

And if for some reason you’re one of ‘those’ who would prefer to do 4x more work for the upper body than for the lower, even though the lower is half of your body; you could do:

DAY 1. Pull (chins)
DAY 2. Lower body
DAY 3. Push (dips)
DAY 5. Pull
DAY 6. Push
Day 7. OFF

Does he have a program for dips too? Can you put up the link?

Not that I know of. I have searched but have not found it.

When seeing the exercises prescribed for the regular guy routine I thought to do the same for dips. Negatives, regulars and partials seem similar enough to me to try.

True enough.

I liked this combo for push/pull days, you may as well…alternate the two moves: 5x5 of each @ a weight you can do for 8 reps. Pretty simple really. For me it was: dips@ +45/chins@BW, did 6 workouts, checked my max reps, add weight, and repeat. After 12 workouts, I’d doubled my BW totals for both ( 12 chins=my goal).
Good times.

I’m going to follow Thib’s first split suggestion. The original program is based on chins only on its day. 50 negatives only, 20 regulars and 24 partials is quite enough for one day. A similar day will follow for dips.

I expect to go from 5 neutral grip chins and 6 dips to >10/12 respectively so after these 4-6 weeks I can incorporate them, like you suggested as 5x5 combo (+weight), (or 3x8, or 8x3 (+w), or ladders). At the moment I can only do low rep sets which is a shame for these exercises.

Minor update/Log entry: I did 3 training sessions of both chins and dips. Conclusions so far:

  • Thib’s wasn’t joking about grip training. I bought some grippers…
  • Progress on dips: Even after the negatives I can do 8 regulars (3rd session, 1st session: only 3)
  • Progress on chins: Much less so far: Problems feeling the lats so biceps do too much. Results in wasted biceps after the negatives and no training effect on the lats to speak of. 5 sessions to go, I’m going to get the result anyway.
  • Even on dips I haven’t done the partials yet but still made good progress. I didn’t do the partials since I’m wasted after the regulars AND I’m getting the results anyway.
  • This is my first program split style so I’m not used to the volume on a single body part. Hence the previous point of wussing out on the partials. (I only look at the progress, not the effort)