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Thib's 6 Weeks to Superhero


I got through DAY 1- six sets of both complexes ( overhead press and squat star complexes). I have to say that my clothes were soaking in sweat! I just love this program so far. I think this will get me the lean that I want. Well, it has been only one day, but I feel freggin awesome! I am at 19% bf right now and want to get down to at least 13-15% by end of June. Anyone else try this program?? Just curious to how well you did or if you ran into problems. The only thing I imagine having difficulty with is that I belong to a commercial gym and luckily today wasnt very busy, but I cam imagine the bs I am going to run into later with the crowds of people. lol! I am planning on doin in the early am....when no one is lurking. :wink:


Welcome, Laura! Nope, I haven't tried it, but I did a search after you mentioned it, and pulled up an article and the PDF.

I'll leave the links here for anyone else who's interested.

Christian Thibaudeau's Six Weeks to Superhero pdf - http://www.T-Nation.com/img/photos/2011/11-superhero/superhero-program.pdf

Article with video - http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/6_weeks_to_superhero_how_i_build_muscle_and_strip_off_fat_fast&cr=

It looks like a good way to mix things up, particularly if you've been doing the same old routine for awhile. Keep the body guessing. It looks intense. Good luck, and let us know how you do.


will do, Powerpuff! and thanks for responding. I just finished a 90 day program so this 6 week program should strip the last bit of stubborn fat. i am lifting heavy so I have high expectations for a real lean mean bod in a few weeks. I will post before and after pics to show my progress. anyone else who's doing this program give me a shout and tell me how you're liking or disliking it. Thanks!


Welcome to the board! I'm guessing your diet is pretty much dialed in. What 90 day program did you just finish? What does your breakdown of food look like for a day? Frankly, you already have an amazing body. Congrats and keep it up!


Working early at a commercial gym is the way to go... I go to planet fitness and my time is usually from 4:30-6 am... Although I would prefer not getting there before 5am but I have to be out the door at 6 LOL


Thanks for the compliment! felt great reading it and it tells me that I'm at least doing SOME things right! Ha! Well,
I was a tester for a new program that's soon to be released. It's called the Bikini Body Workout. It was only supposed to be 60 days but they extended to 90- lucky me! It ended 2 weeks ago which is why i started THIB'S 6 WEEKS TO SUPERHERO (Article with video - http://www.TNation.com/...at_fast&cr= ) to build some more muscle and drop fat.

So far, i like it. It is intense because i'm lifting heavy, take very little rest (under 30 sec) in between exercises. Also I've never done upper body and lower body complexes (star complexes!) in one workout. Today i am sore, a good sore, but like i said i hope i have the energy to pull this off for the next 6 weeks. This program is no joke. I am wiped out at the end of it.

Well my wo day meals are:

20 oz chicken breast spilt up in day (VARIES ON SOME DAYS TO 25OZ IF I FEEL LIKE I NEED IT)
coconut oil 1-tblspn
coconut milk 2- 1/3 cups for coffee or add to soup.
basmati rice 1/3 cup or 1 serving
green tea

rest day
same as above without the rice.
i add in more coconut oil or milk to make up the difference in Kcal..


everything is organic and i follow IF. 16/8




yea, your absolutely right! but for now i get it in where i can fit it in. ;( :smiley:


As long as you make it a priority you will be fine =)


week 2. I feel great! yesterday I did a reefed of 3200kcal!!! ahhhaha! first in a loooong time, but I wish i wouldve incorporated sooner since they say this is the best way to keep hormones balanced , which in turn burns more fat. But its just that its kinda scary eating so much and not quite knowing if you are going to come out of it a fat pig or not! Hahaha! well, i think i did it the right way- no fats (just incidental fat from my regular protein and such) just high carbs and normal amt of protein. my re-feed included my reg chicken breasts , then a whole big, 1 pound bag of bavarian pretzels (LOVE), no fat ice cream with nestle chocolate syrup (was ok), and extra blueberries with my protein shake( always love). total grams of carbs was 504! yeah, I told you it was scary! Well, i've read that drinking water to offset the weight gain would help so i drank a ton of water throughout the day. I also did the re-feed after my depletion wo, which I've read is the quickest way to get the glucose into the muscles. I woke up this morning and i dont seem leaner but i dont feel or look like i gained any weight or bloat like some other people have experienced. I didnt know what to expect but at least I didnt gain weight so I will keep this in my arsenal and do every two weeks. If anyone plans on doing a re-feed i think the no fat, high carb is the way to go. As far as my wo today I was able to add a bit more weight to the bar and squeeze out a few more reps.

i know this is off the subject but does anyone know of how to deal with a bully at the gym? dude came up to me today and was like "hey when are you gonna be done with the machine? you take forever and this isnt your personal gym its a public gym."

I know i spend some time in the squat rack but i was there first. right? my routine/circuits takes about an hour.... suggestions anyone?


LOL, based on that attitude, $10 says he was going to do curls in the rack. Hopefully his approach came off more douchey than he really is. The only thing I would maybe do in that situation is offer to let him work in. To be fair, an hour in the rack is a long time, unless your gym has a bunch of them. I spend a lot of time in the rack too, which is why I generally prefer to lift at home. Though, that's not an option for everyone.

Regardless, I'm sorry to hear about the situation. If he comes off being a jerk like that again, drop a 45 on his foot and bat your eyelashes at him "Oops!"


Laura, your midsection and shoulders are looking great up there! Lean. Well done.

About gym etiquette, usually if someone is continuously using a piece of equipment, people will leave you alone. I train in the morning when the gym is less busy. There are 4 racks, so there's nearly always an empty rack or two so it isn't a problem. In the evening, the racks are very busy and people will start waiting, or asking you how many sets you have left. I'd feel awkward trying to keep a rack for too long, because they are in such demand. Now, if you are doing circuits between three pieces of equipment in a busy gym, THAT will get you some haters. :slightly_smiling: I'm talking about the guy who tries to do Crossfit type circuits and thinks he can monopolize a rack, the leg press, and the cable pull down for an hour. We all love to hate that guy.


Thanks Wiex! Any dude that talks that way to a woman needs to be on meds. Its funny because when he came up to me he was so pissed that he just blurted out everything so fast without me having a chance to respond. He was so crazed! I couldnt even offer to share the cage because he was walking away spewing curse words at me! it was funny but also in bad taste. I just kept shaking my head in amazement. Hahah! Well, I guess I will not do the circuits when its busy and take up the rack so long or just aim at an early am workout. may even invest in a squat rack for the home.. thanks again, Weix! ;D


Thank Powerpuff!

Yea. my shoulders seem to respond the quickest on my body. Its those legs that i'm chasing! lol! I want shoulder, abs and a nice set of glutes with beautiful strong legs. I want it all! hahahah! Well, I'm going to take your advice and come to the gym early am to avoid pissing anyone off.


I couldn't agree more. That sort of behavior is uncalled for towards anyone. On the bright side, it's almost Friday! :slight_smile:


ok. week 3 and i changed it up a bit. well, a lot! ha! the gym members and my schedule wont permit me to workout hogging up all the equipment so i am doing the wo twice a week and throwing in lactic acid workouts for the other two days. my goal as of now is just to lose fat and get stronger. i also upped my HIIT to 3 times a week; two bike sess and a day off hill sprints. oh, can anyone tell me how to get better definition in my legs? should i lift heavier or concentrate on fat loss. thanks guys!


What were the results? I'm about to start modified superhero (tomorrow) and was wondering if you stayed with it or not.


Aloha Girl! I think you are doing great job and on the right track on losing body fat. I just finished Jim Stoppani's Shortcuttoshreds and that was an excellent workout. I lost allot of body fat this time and ready to hit more weights, so I am thinking of doing the 6 Weeks to Superhero program. I tried it one day and I like it. It causes you to get stronger too, beside of losing allot of body fat.

It's nice to see nice muscle on any women so keep it up. I also did the Indigo Project Program, this is a great or excellent training for any women, I highly recommend it. Christain T is an excellent coach, try it if you don't have anything else to do. You will not do any other, because his workout is the best for any women looking to lose allot of body fat, You different will.