Thibaudeau's Failure Recommendation

YO folks,

I come from the Waterbury corner and was very pleased with the results.Although I am switching the parameters in a good manner,I have noticed,that progress is not there anymore.
As a result i wanted to switch to a Thibadeau programm-posted in his last article with acc.and intens.phases

He was so nice to check my programm and he was pleased with it.
As the subj.intensity recommondation,he said to train to failure during the acc.block,but to be one rep short of it in the intensification block.

My question to you guys,who are currently,were on Christian’s programms:

How is it possible to train to real concentric failure in all 12 sets?

I remember that Chad stated to train to failure or one rep short of it in the last rep of the last set.
this was great to handle,cause during the last reps on the last set i were very focused and concentrated.Also were his programms based on increasment and not of the personal efford mark.

Totay i tried some chris style,but it was IMpossible for me,to train each set to failure. It is psychically not possible to concentrate that much to do EACH set of ALL 12 to failure.
The efford you can give in only one last set (like in chads programms),compared to 12 is simply not the same.
i will be thankful for some solutions!

thanks in advantage,

He means the last rep of the last set should be failure.

are you sure,can I read this anywhere,written by him?

[quote]Dr.Reiterer wrote:
are you sure,can I read this anywhere,written by him?[/quote]

That is what he means. But you can pose the question directly to him in the Locker Room Section if you would feel better about that or would like a more in depth answer.

hey thanx for your time man! I appreciate that,so do you mean failure in the last set of EACH exercise,or the last set of the LAST exercise per given muscle group.
How intense should the other sets then be-?s it the meaning to use fex.4x10 schemes of each exercise with the same weight and go in case to achieve the last rep in the last set to failure?

How do you handle this,and from where you know the recommondation?-I found nothing!