Thibaudeau is makin me happy

There are many great resources out there for guys like me who love to train. Over the years I have relied mainly on T-mag, and its awesome contributors. Forums and Q&A sections are a wonderful way to share ideas on training and “pick the brains” of knowledgable trainers who I could otherwise, realistically, never dream of talking too. In lieu of such a great response by thib, I’m really thinking of buying his book if I have enough money left over after buying a fancy-schmancy EMS device. I logged onto T-forums the other day and was amazed to see a hugely comprehensive response; an extract from his own book no less - citations and all (yay!). ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This guy has it good enough already? He took his own shirt off his own back 'n handed it to me so I could train harder?! What a ledgend. Hey Thib…didn’t it make you feel good to give back to your followers. You have got to be one of the lovliest mothertruckers in the business. I wish you nothing but absolute success in the future. Hopefully people will begin to see you for the saint that you are, and put their faith in real men like the like yourself.
Having said that, I want to thank thr3devil for continuing a free medium of exchange, and providing me with words through which to say thanks. Hope you dont mind me leeching your words buddy!

[to see Thib’s fantabulous response check out the thread on ElectroMyoStimulation (EMS) and bodybuilding]