Thibaudeau Guest Forum

The Thib’s Guest Forum starts Friday evening! Get all your questions about training, diet, and hair care products ready!

Hair care products, Chris? So we’ll be discussing razors and buzz cuts?!?!

Great news!!! T-Mag rocks!

… A forum for looking like Vin Diesel?

Ooooh boy…

Someone lecture Thibaudeau to keep it to training, please? :frowning:

Get a clue panda

Stumpy, take a deep breath and realize that Panda was joking. It is okay to make a joke.

Excellent, Christian is the man!

Always excellent to hear Christians words of wisdom. I don’t imagine there will be too many questions :slight_smile:

Could you kids behave for one damn thread?

CT is awesome. It’ll be good to have him around.

Ok, I only “hate” one thing about his guest forums and articles, he is always finding new ways to make me hurt in the gym and get bigger at the same time. :slight_smile:

It will be fun to be thrown into the public eye once again! Do get your questions ready class 'cause we are gonna roll!

The subjects I’d like to discuss are:

  • different applications of isometric training (I will probably post a short piece on isometrics for bodybuilding in the forum)

  • canadian ascending-descending training

  • training for maximum functional gains

  • training for maximum structural gains

Obviously any questions will be welcomed!

If I remember you are a masters student. What are you doing your masters thesis/project on?