Thibarmy Sample Hypertrophy Program Setup

Hi Coach Thibaudeau,

I was reading through your website and came across this sample bodybuilding split (from the article titled “Six Ways To Reach Your Genetic Potential”):

Day 1: Back and Deadlift

Exercise 1: Deadlift variation

Exercise 2: Horizontal row variation

Exercise 3: Vertical row variation

Exercise 4: Scapula elevation (shrug, high pull) variation

Day 2: Chest and Shoulders

Exercise 1: Flat bench press variation

Exercise 2: Incline press variation

Exercise 3: Overhead press variation

Exercise 4: Lateral/front raise variation

Day 3: OFF

Day 4: Biceps and Triceps

Exercise 1.1: Neutral (hammer) grip curl variation

Exercise 1.2: Close-grip press variation

Exercise 2.1: Supinated grip curl variation

Exercise 2.2: Free weight triceps extension variation

Exercise 3.1: Pronated grip curl variation

Exercise 3.2: Cable/pulley triceps extension variation

Day 5: Legs

Exercise 1: Squat variation

Exercise 2: Unilateral leg movement variation

Exercise 3: Hip extension variation (Romanian deadlift, good morning, etc.)

Exercise 4.1: Leg extension variation

Exercise 4.2: Leg flexion/curl variation

Exercise 5 (optional): Calf exercise

Day 6: Chest and Back

Exercise 1.1: Chest press variation (flat, decline or incline)

Exercise 1.2: Horizontal row variation (cable/pulley)

Exercise 2.1: Dumbbell flye variation

Exercise 2.2: Rear delt exercise (rear delt raise, reverse pec deck, etc.)

Exercise 3.1: Machine or cable/pulley pectorals isolation exercise

Exercise 3.2: Scapula elevation variation

Day 7: OFF

I was just wondering - roughly how would you want to set it up in terms of sets, reps, loading, rest times, intensity techniques (if any) etc?

Thank you!

Also one more question if that’s ok, haha: roughly how often would you change exercises (i.e go from one deadlift variation to another)? Thanks!

I don’t want to be a jackass, but you are essentially asking to write down a program for you. Which is a service I offer (online coaching and online programs). Designing programs is outside the score of his forum.


Hahaha, no it’s ok Coach, I understand completely. Thank you anyway!