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ThibArmy Fat Loss/Body Comp Program in Commercial Gym?



I'm about to buy this program just want to know if this can be done in a comercial gym.


Love the new site.


Yes, when it has pairings I was careful not to include two barbell exercises together. Although you do need some equipment like a rower, assault/resistance bike and prowler to do it optimally, I do present options if you don't have all of them


I bought it this weekend.
This is exactly what I was looking for. Very excited to start it today.
Gonna use it to get me as lean as possible for a beach trip on May.


Well it's a better goal than getting ready for a Rave party (I can't tell you how many of these I got when I was doing a lot of personal training)


:smiley: I know what you mean.
Where I live gyms are always crowded from December until end of February/start of March because people wanna get ready for Carnival.
As soon as Carnival ends they just leave and return next December.


Hi CT,

Is there a lot of dumbbells work in this program?

I train at my house and have a good bit of equipment including a bike & rower for the conditioning (no prowler), but I don’t have a full set of dumbbells (I have 5-30 & 60s).



Most of the programs I write are designed to be done in a commercial gym, not well suited for a home gym. sorry


That’s okay. Thanks, CT!