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Thibarmy Blitz Program

Hey Coach,

I just saw this and I’m very interested. After finishing your Muscle Mass Blueprint, I’d like to give it a go.

Currently I’m on a small deficit

After finishing MMB (8 weeks to go) I will go on a 12 weeks cycle. Would you recommend this program for that? Without really knowing what it is it’s hard to tell.

My original thought is 6 weeks of “fastest way to get jacked” flowed by the “Blitz Program”. Is it a muscle building or strength training program? Is it meant to coincide with a hard diet? Any advice you can give me?

It’s meant to be done with a hard diet and certainly not something I would do following a hard program. It’s mostly meant to get back in shape quick after letting yourself go for a while.

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Could you recommend a program/s for my 12 week cycle after finishing the MBB program? I prefer 4-5 days per week. 1 or 2 big movements for strength with accessories and supplementaries in the hypertrophy zone.

I’m dropping fat now, looking to be leaner than I’ve ever been at about 12% bf in 8 weeks or so.

Should I go to a maintenance or 5% surplus for my cycle? I’ve never been lean before, so I’ve never worried about staying lean.