Thib, Your Thoughts on a Few Things

High Performance Fat loss program

  • are the prescribed reps done to failure each set, progressively ramp up heavier each set with those reps, or same weight each set but select a weight that allows you to get all the reps each set.

Thoughts on effectiveness, and proper doses of:

For weight loss

Apple Cider Vinegar
(green tea, and cayenne pepper does not agree with me)

D-Aspartic Acid, effectiveness of T Boosting for the initial 2 weeks. Then cycling it

I know u dont like using stimulants regularly,
What about NO pump products? ( citruline, agmatine, glycerol)

EMOM’s for 2-3 exercises for dynamic speed work

Helping female get first pullup, progress is stalled on strict pullup at the last 2 inches of movement. Currently programmed 2-3 vertical pull movements a week generally 3 sets each, (push pull workouts alternate) vertical pull movements including banded high rows, assisted pullups, and slow negative pullups in cluster format. Weighted hangs were also included about every other back day. The cluster negative seemed to have the best strength effect but we hit a wall at about 6 sec. negative with 4 clusters. Horizontal pulls limited to 2 exercises per week, deadlifts performed about every 7-10 days. Now progress has slightly regressed. The volume was slowly increased over about 2 months with a deload added in . Im debating if overcompensation at end of the cycle was too much. Maybe we should start back over with lower volume.

- Thoughts, suggestions?

It should be noted that this trainee is a very non explosive lifter, the diet is in good standing with caloric increase. pre-Peri-post workout nutrition is good. Trainee is making progress on all other major lifts. Trainee is approximately 165 pounds, likely a type 2B.

Thanks as always.

On the isolation work, yes (or close to it). On the multi-joint exercises, no.

Not a big fan. I wouldn’t buy it as a standalone myself. There is an adequate amount in a dose of Flameout (along with the omega 3 fatty acids), so that’s a bonus. But it is not effective enough to justify investing in it alone (IMHO)

The only people I know who actually reported a beneficial effect from L-Carnitine are those who used the injectable version. The oral version doesn’t seem to be very effective.

This one can be effective, at least more so that L-carnitine, especially if your body is not good at mobilizing and utilizing fat for fuel. It is also very good for brain enhancement. PERSONALLY I don’t take it, but it’s because of my neurotype (I’m a 2A). I’m adrenaline-depenant and during training ALCAR might decrease adrenalin production by increasing acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine shares a few function with adrenalin and when it’s high you don’t need to produce as much adrenalin. For ME it decreases my training energy and confidence. BUT it does improve my focus.

1000-1500mg is a good dose

This is one of my favorite overall product. While it can have a small direct impact on fat loss, it is effective mostly to decrease inflamation (systemic inflamation will make fat loss and muscle building processes less efficient). The health benefits of curcumin are almost too many to name them all!

I’ve used up to 9000mg per day (highest dosage studied) but it’s because I use it to help with my kidney issues. 3000-4000mg is a good dose especially if the product contains piperine which increases bioavailability.

I use it 15 min prior to every meal for insulin sensitivity, which helps with getting leaner. Normally I use 1-2 teaspoons per meal.

I don’t like it. It increasesestrogen as much as testosterone

Citruline and agmatine might be of benefit improving blood flow, which in theory could facilitate transport of fatty acids so that we can use it for fuel. It also gives you a better pump, but it’s not something I would personally invest in.

You’ll have to be more precise on that one

This requires a longer answer and more thinking from my part. Don’t have the time at the moment. Can you post it as a new topic so that I don’t forget to answer it?

Yes, I absolutely can repost this regarding the pullups, I will provide you further program elaboration as well so you can see the exact work she is doing. I will try to post it later this evening.

Regarding the rest of my questions, thank you so much for your answers, and insight. I put all of your information to good use. Big shout out to you for assisting so many of us online.