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Thib Selling Steroids

LOL made you look. But it’s almost true. Just found old footage of a Quebec TV drama called Lance et Compte (He shoots he scores) from 2007 in which I sell steroids to a hockey player… I also played a role as a male stripper… not type cast at all!

What struck me is that I basically look exactly the same 10 years later, a bit bigger but not older.


Hahaha, comment as-tu eu ce rôle? Ils t’ont approché dans un gym commercial trouvant que tu avais l’air d’un adepte des stéroides? :wink:

Le plus drôle là-dedans c’est la ligne du gars qui lève les poids de 5 lb : “50 fois 5 livres ça fait 250 livres!”. J’ai l’impression que c’est le genre de calcul que ma mère fait quand elle fait ses steps avec ses poids de 3 lb!

For the non-Francophones out there, this show was sort of a ‘classic’ TV series in Quebec for many years. Most Quebecers know at least one famous line from the old and new series.

Also the joke I was alluding to is when CT approaches the guy lifting the 5 lb DBs and says:

  • Working hard, huh?

To which the guy answers:

  • Hey after all 50 reps with 5 pound weights equals 250 pounds total!

Nice coach…

Hahah awesome! Looking good!

Starts at 16:39 in case someone’s in a hurry.

En fait c’est a cause d’un role préalable que j’ai eu. Une production avait besoin d’un couple en forme pour jouer un role de danseur/danseuses exotiques. Normalement un acteur doit etre membre de l’Union des Artiste pour pouvoir jouer un role. Mais dans certains cas d’exceptions ils acceptent des personnes non-membre. J’ai donc eu le role et ca m’a permis de devenir membre de l’Union des Artiste. A partir de ce moment j’étais dans le “catalogue” d’acteur. Et ils m’ont trouvé quand ils avaient besoin d’un gars musclé pour ce role.

Thanks, that was 10 years ago. Still looking the same (a bit bigger) today so I aged well.

Awesome! French guys are extremely adorable :grin:

First time “adorable” has ever been associated with me


Should I say Handsome? I didn’t mean it in a bad way. Promise.

Yep that’s much better… adorable would fit my pugs better :slight_smile:


vous êtes plutôt a l’aise apparemment, on voit des comédiens de formation plus coincés dans certaines séries .
Vous avez un drôle de parcours quand même , mdr :métal:

Ahah la forme des bonhommes au curl ! N’empêche les autres ont l’air minuscule à côté de vous

J’ai aussi joué un role de danseur nu, mais je ne retrouve pas les vidéo. J’ai fait un peu de tout. Déménageur, travail dans un bureau de psychologie des ressources humaines, charger du ciment et beton, assistant de recherche en labo de biomecanique,haltérophile, foot US, rugby, golf, hockey, baseball, etc.

Very cool. This brought up all sorts of questions:

  • are there any other long lost cameos floating around?
  • how did you end up appearing on the show?
  • had you had any acting training/experience going into this? If not, were you nervous about it?
  • are you interested in more acting roles?
  • what was actually in the little “steroid” bottles?

I’ll stop there haha

I was a male stripper in another show, but can’t find any footage

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Normally you need to be in the union to be able to do shows (called Union des Artistes in Quebec). But to get in you must have TV credits (which is kind of a weird situation). In some exceptions a non-union person can get a role. In the make stripper role they need a bodybuilder physique and since there aren’t many of those (at least 12 years ago) the producers were allowed to get a non-union person for the role.

This allowed me to get credits to get into the union and from then I was in the “catalogue” and when they needed a muscular guy to play a steroid dealer I got the call.

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The one stripper role. But I wasn’t nervous because I was already doing seminars at that time

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I’d like it, especially since I’d be a lot better now because of all the public speaking I do. But that was 10 years ago so that ship has sailed. I was asked to play Vin Diesel’s body double for “Riddick” since it was filmed in Montreal, but I was in Colorado at the time.

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Probably plain oil (which is dumb since stanozolol is water-based). I tried it and didn’t gain anything (kidding).