Thib or Waterbury Methods

The information presented on this site can be overwhelming. With that being said which strength coach’s training methologies do you follow. Or do you just take a little from everyone and adjust your training accordingly.

They do share more similarities than differences.

  1. Same type of training in a single session although Thib doesn’t always do this.

  2. they both favor antagonist training
    the majority of the time

  3. Twice a days if possible

  4. Total body workouts are preferred above split upper/lower

  5. Money exercises


  1. Waterbury likes to train various strength qualities throughout the week

  2. Thib likes his pendulum approach or Accumulation / Intensification blocks

  3. Olympic lifts Thib seem to favour these a litle more.

  4. Thib likes band/training, weight releasers

  5. I have not seen Waterbury mention these methods or I just missed it

Any thoughts on how you plan your training

I’ve found it best to take everything with a grain of salt. The only thing I worry about is that overall I’m increasing my weekly workload and getting enough protein, calories and sleep. The rest s debatable. And you’ll get there faster by just trying it your self instead.

Don’t get me wrong, my eyes light up when I see a new CW article. Him, Staley and Thibs are my favorite contributors. But they too are works in progress and their views change with new knowledge. I basically look for gaps and fill them with my own experience. I figure when I try out everything I have outlined there will be little room for error. Until then I’ll be thinking outside the box, even if it’s a beautiful box constructed by a good strength coach.

You could combine them. An example- I was having trouble with good mornings, romanian deads and squatting. So on prime time, I asked Thibs what he would do to rectify this. He gave a very good solution. I like 3x10 though, and wanted to use that set/rep scheme, so I ran the solution past Waterbury. He looked it over and gave a thumbs up. Put it all together and got a much stronger posterior chain. So, the two don’t exit in mutual exclusivity. Just check with both first so that you don’t run into any redundancy or possible overtraining.

Personally I like Waterbury. I’m the poster child for “easy-hardgainer” and I tried Thib’s routine and was about 10lbs WEAKER on all lifts after the first week, so I axed it. I then tried Waterbury method and gained about 5lbs and all my lifts went up by at least 20lbs. It all depends on how you respond and what you’re after. I’d also like to point out that I’m in no way knocking coach Thib as I read and re-read everything he puts out and feel he is one of the great minds in his field.