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Thib Newsletter?



Would it be possible at some point in the future for Biotest to produce a weekly newsletter-type feature with a "best of Thib" section highlighting a lot of the gems from all of your Q and A's in the forum?

I realize that it would likely be a longshot, given the magnitude of the task. It's fantastic to follow along as often and with as many threads as possible, but work demands and family life make checking out the forums an increasingly less frequent occurrence for me. I would imagine this to be the case for many folks here, so it would be excellent to have the most powerful advice distilled in some type of regular feature.

Obviously searching the forums can be beneficial, but with so much quality information, simply searching for an answer to my own questions seems like a limitation rather than a convenience given the information density of every thread.

Hopefully I am not off base putting this out there, and thank you Coach Thibaudeau for all of your hard work on our behalf and the quality information.


The best threads will become huge anyway and will get constantly bumped up, but I like the idea.


I'm honored that the thought even entered your mind! But trust me, from what I've gathered, the whole crew will be waaaaayyyyy to busy to handle producing a newsletter. I'm talking several big beasts, a film crew worthy of a decent size production agency and a the most hardcore gym money can buy and 3 months worth of blood and tears.


One of the forum members actually put together a Word document highlighting the best of Thib's Q&A. This was back in December I believe. Maybe at some point someone will take on the task again.


Do you have this .doc? I would be really glad to have this.


I have the one about nutrition. I'm not sure if he ever put out the training one.



Wow, thanks a lot!