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Thib-Army! This Is Awesome




Looks like I need to save up some money for 3 months of online coaching… :smile:


Life goals: Having your own barbell.


Well it certainly was one of mine!


@Christian_Thibaudeau Which of the 3 programs is your personal favorite?


good for CT, about time he monetized the golden wisdom

thibarmy make strengthtraininggreatagain


the strength plan, since it also provides hypertrophy training. It’s exactly how I train but I start every workout with an olympic lift variation


Congratulations, CT. Mister Worldwide. :+1:


Great-looking site! I’ll certainly be ordering a few products from the site in the coming days.

Too bad I recently purchased an olympic bar, as I would have definitely purchased this one considering the price/quality ratio.


How many days per week are required for the strength program? The hypertrophy program states that 5 or 6 days are required, but nothing is listed for the strength program.


Ideally 5. But you can rotate through the days over more days by doing it 4 days a week


Hey Coach,
Are the programs ebooks. Which program would you recommend after completing “The Complete Power Look Program”?


Does the online coaching include meal plans ?
Can it be catered to individuals not training in standard gyms ?


It can include the diet. If an individual is selected (only 20 spots) then the program is tailored to what the person has available to train


I’m about to order the Strength & Size Program and was wondering: can it also be used as a template that can be reused more than once following the first 12-week period?

I assume it will also be possible to tweak it to include Olympic lifts like as well?



It can be used for more than 12 weeks. I would change the assistance lifts.

Email me at chris@ballisticmanagement.comand I’ll tell you what adjustements to make on the olympic lifts


What!? First I find T-nation, and now this? My family already think all I do is go to the gym, eat protein, & look at my phone!


CT, des sous-titres pour les vidéos seraient vraiment super pour les non anglophones , tellement de bonnes informations dans vos interventions que c’est dommage de les manquer :cry: :+1:


Peut etre dans le futur. Mais presentement le gain en visiteur potentiel ne justifie pas l’investissement et le temps surtout en phase initiale de lancement ou un gros investissement a deja ete fait.


je comprends coach :ok_hand: