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They're Ganna Get Ya!


OMG Watch out!


Momma always said you only have to be right once to make all the paranoia worth while.


I thought you quit smoking weed?


Oh shit! dodges the flying ghey


Haha the SOBER elano is a crazy motherfucka.

OMG There it is! Watch out!


On a more serious note I was at a bar with my sister earlier and she wouldn't shut her freakin' mouth. She kept calling this cop "Officer Sanchez" and "Hey dickhole!" She got put in handcuffs when we were walking out with some friends for slamming the door in some dudes face. I kept telling her drunk ass to shut her damn mouth. What a dumbass. I can't believe the cop let her go. She is the crazy one in the family.


I noticed that when I don't make posts high, they usually make much less sense and are much more irritable.



hey SSC, you changed your avatar, Moon Knight's cool an all but I liked your beach chick


LOL Oh shit here it comes again!