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They're Back!


Most people into death metal are probably familiar with the band Exhumed. They've been on hiatus for awhile now and they are finally back. Although the absence of Mike Beams on guitar and the deep backing vocals is very dissapointing the new song sounds promising. One thing I've always enjoyed about Exhumed is how high quality all 3 of their albums are, and their back catalogue on the Platters of Splatter album is good to. Consuming Impulse still has the best lyrics of any song i've ever heard, it's about eating yourself to stay alive, sick humor at it's finest. Mike Beams had one of the best vocal performances ever on Slaughtercult, and Gore Metal was brutal and fun, their cover of Sodom's Sodomy and Lust was top notch. I'm looking forward to both this and the new Morbid Angel album, although they don't sound near as good as they used to Morbid Angel is still one of my favorite bands.

So who's an Exhumed or Morbid Angel fan and anxiously awaiting the new albums? Also Autopsy is making a return but i've never been a huge fan of them.




Goddamnit! And here I just jumped into this thread ready to ask what was wrong with their back...FUCK YOU!


Their back needs more width. Have they tried rack chins?


thank you.


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Sorry. That probably would have been significantly more witty/funny than my dickish comment


haha I came in here to say that. Like everyone else, it seems.


i totally should have said "inb4 they're." DAMNIT. Missed opportunity for teh lulz


Haha. If OP titled this correctly,
the correct reply could be "Who's back?"

But with it as is...
"Whose back?"

Am I the only one amused by this?


Ok enough about the OP's grammar. I'm actually keen to know what this band sounds like.


Note the phrase 'most people who are into death metal'. I haven't listened to the video but I would imagine it sounds like one or two guitar chords on full distortion and a guy with a hoarse voice bellowing some inaudible gibberish into a microphone also on full distortion.


Music has it's place I guess. I don't really know my metal that well but the recent bands I've downloaded into my player make it great for SS cardio and lifting (to drown out the environment). I use it as a means to improve focus. On the same token, I listen to classical music on the ride to work so that I can focus better for the day ahead.


XanderBuilt I just checked your photos after not having checked in a long time. Shit that's some good work! Was it a lot of SS cardio (I hope that's steady state as there's no way I'm doing Schutzstaffel cardio!)


Well, there;s a death metal thread for this, but anyway...

Not really for Exhumed, yes for Morbid Angel. Not looking forward to the new album any more though as I'm convinced it's going to suck. Bad.

Well, just in case you care, my opinion is that if you're mildly curious about death metal/grind, you're better off starting from the start. In this case, that is, check out Carcass first before bothering with the bands that Carcass inspired (or who ripped them off...).

I listen to classical as well. Often for that reason too.

Haha, I am highly amused, but then I am a dweeb.


Your a grammar geek.


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I am a grammar geek to. I take a fence at you're remark.


Technically, it's "Their Backs".


LOL. Thanks Nards. Yes for about a month I've been doing SS cardio in the evenings. About 35mins currently. Diet was fixed as well and lifting about 4 times a week. Nothing special supplement wise just the usual (whey, fish oil etc) and green tea extract. Will update more on the BOI thread and post progress pics soon (probably every month).